Ten unmissable reasons to add Florida to your family bucket list.

The main reason why families flock to Florida is for a taste of unmatched fun under the sun. There is nothing quite like those pristine beaches covered with brilliant white sand, where life runs in a pace of its own, miles and miles away from the mainland.

The Sunshine State has everything that any family may aspire for a truly memorable vacation. So read on for the ten most compelling reasons to take your wife and kids to Florida, before they head there without you.

explore, travel, ten unmissable reasons to add florida to your family bucket list.

Universal Studios in Orlando Florida / Photo by Christian Wagner on Unsplash

Theme Parks

Florida is not only one of the most visited states in America, but possibly in the whole world as well as far as amusement parks are concerned. The magical allure of Disney World and the numerous other facilities attached with it is almost legendary. A family can actually spend days here and still come back looking for things left out to explore. Ocean Florida has a lot of excellent information on all theme parks of Florida.


Many people who visit Orlando for the theme parks make sure to take a day trip to the Kennedy Space Center Complex, which is just sixty minutes drive away. Kids and grownups alike will just adore the interesting array of scientific exhibits on display. The Behind the Gates tour takes one to restricted zones to gain access to facilities, which are otherwise not open to the general public.

Art Deco Historic District

One of the major things which make a visit to Florida for families attractive is a tour of the Historic Art Deco district. Here the visitor will revel in the unique ambience of the restored buildings, something which cannot be found in other cities of America.


Home to a plethora of state parks, it is easy to understand why Florida is a top destination for nature-loving families. So regardless if the group wants to camp, go birdwatching, or just hike, there is a place for everyone to spend quality time in. The Everglades National Park protects one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world and offers a unique opportunity to families to see wild animals at close quarters.


Florida may enjoy a pride of place with many for its iconic beaches, but hidden in the backdrop are a number of important historical sites just waiting for the family to experience. The Kampong Botanical Gardens Park and the Key West Lighthouse are just to name a few.

Great outdoor entertainment

explore, travel, ten unmissable reasons to add florida to your family bucket list.

Miami Beach. Photo by Joël de Vriend on Unsplash

Blessed with a fantastic climate and wonderful beaches, Florida has much to offer to every visitor, including families. On the temperate Gulf coast lies Sarasota lies Siesta Beach, often voted as the best beach in the United States. Then there is Myakka River State Park, a 67,000-acre piece of pristine paradise, ideal for fishing, camping, kayaking and hiking.


There is no better way to combine a Florida vacation on the thrilling beaches without taking into consideration the amenities on offer. Families can enjoy some of the best moments in the fun-filled resorts, many of them which are extremely kid-friendly.

Awesome food

When you are on a vacation to Florida, looking for a good place to dine in which will not only appeal to you but the kids as well, will take centre stage at some time or the other. So whether you are in the theme parks or out of them, there are choices to suit everyone.

Value for money

Frankly speaking, this is the best time to take the kids to Florida. The current exchange rates convert to a very affordable holiday, especially in the summer season when the rates are low. Families can avail of many discounts and free day passes.

After dark activities

There are scores of other unconventional activities to partake in after you are through with Disney World. Family fun heats up much before the sun goes down. The best nighttime fun in Florida can be had by an unforgettable aerial tour to see your favourite landmarks from a different point of view, or go on a moonlight zip line safari over the pines and under the moonlight.

Family holidays offer the perfect antidote to a stress-free time out the situation. So do the loved ones a favour and start planning for a dream holiday to Florida- where, after all, no matter where you are, the nearest beach won’t be far away.