Tennessee Husband “Steals” Target Employee’s Radio and of Course Hilarity Ensues

food, tennessee husband “steals” target employee’s radio and of course hilarity ensues

His wife was less than thrilled.

There’s something about Target that enthralls us. It’s one of the few stores where we can wander around with our eyes big looking at all of the products and merchandise on every aisle as if we’re kids in a candy store. Seriously, Target has the ability to bring out our inner child, making us want to buy or play with practically everything we pick up.

And such is the case with TikTok user @justinstover. While at the cult favorite store with his wife, he found a Target employee’s radio in the men’s department and rather than turn it in, he had a little fun with it instead!


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In the video that’s already surpassed over two million views, his wife is seen talking on the Target employee’s radio offering her sincere apologies for the fact that her husband was playing on the radio after finding it and not turning it in after he located it. Aside from her husband playing on the radio, the funny part about it all is the Target associate’s hilarious response to his wife’s apology saying “bad husband,” while her husband laughs in the background and his wife replies saying “I agree.”

This is hilarious!

This whole video is giving mom disappointed in her son for doing something he shouldn’t be doing, while also holding back from laughing herself.

We have to agree with the folks in the comment section – his wife enjoyed talking on the radio probably just as much as her husband did!

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