Tesla deliveries in China shutter from September’s record high

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Tesla delivered 71,704 vehicles in China in October, shuttering from the record it set in September with 83,135 deliveries, according to the CPCA.

The 14 percent drop in deliveries from September to October does not necessarily represent Tesla’s continuing growth in the Chinese market, which has continued to increase in the long term. Tesla sold 54,391 vehicles in October 2021, meaning the month’s 2022 figures were roughly 25 percent higher than last year’s.

Tesla cut costs in China by 9 percent in October, stating the reason was to be in line with costs. The Model 3 is now priced at 265,900 yuan, with the Model Y also seeing a cut to 288,900 yuan.

Yesterday, we reported Tesla’s price cuts had put pressure on other brands in China. Many domestic EV companies suffered sales setbacks in October as Tesla cut costs. However, COVID-related policies also affected many brands, including Tesla, which saw a 14 percent decrease in sales from September to October.

As a manufacturer, Tesla was second in China, trailing only BYD, but by a considerable margin. Tesla’s 71,704 unit sales were outshined by BYD’s 217,518 sales. SGMW and Geely motors trailed Tesla in third and fourth, respectively.

China has been a strong point of Tesla’s since it started production and deliveries in late 2019 and early 2020. However, the market has swelled with worthy competitors, forcing Tesla to adopt new strategies to increase sales and keep demand for its vehicles high. In an effort to cut costs, Tesla is also reorganizing its sales strategy in the country.

Tesla has already closed a flashy showroom location in the Parkview Green Mall, shifting its strategy to a Service and Showroom combination in less expensive retail areas. The cost of leases alone is likely a financial hardship for Tesla as foot traffic in malls has shuttered since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tesla has sold roughly 390,000 vehicles in China through the first ten months of the year.

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