Tesla handily controls electric vehicle market in Germany

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Tesla is handily controlling the electric vehicle market in Germany, registering around 6,000 vehicles more than second-place Volkswagen through the first three quarters of 2022.

Tesla has registered 38,458 electric vehicles in Germany so far in 2022, data from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) showed. This was over 6,000 vehicles clear of Volkswagen, who remains in second place in BEV registrations in Germany this year. Volkswagen has sold 32,326 electric cars in Germany this year, accounting for 9.4 percent of its total vehicle registrations in 2022. Volkswagen has registered 342,489 cars through September, the data said.

The increase in Tesla registrations from January to September 2022 compared to the same span in 2021 is considerable. Tesla delivered 25,970 vehicles in Germany in the same span last year. 2022 has seen a 32.5 percent increase in new vehicle registrations in Germany for Tesla, helping maintain its considerable lead in the market this year thanks to the opening of Gigafactory Berlin.

Volkswagen largely dominated the EV market in Germany last year due to Tesla’s German production plant being put on ice until early 2022. As Gigafactory Berlin did not receive ultimate approval from German authorities until well into 2022, Volkswagen sold 54,410 EVs last year from January to September, dwarfing Tesla’s unit count.

Tesla sold 39,714 electric units in 2021 as a whole in Germany, while Volkswagen’s count swelled to 108,280 units for the full year. The importance of Gigafactory Berlin to Tesla’s market competitiveness in Germany is relatively drastic, as the numbers show customers preferred Volkswagen’s EVs to Tesla’s, at least for 2021.

Reuters said that Volkswagen’s total sales of all vehicles have fallen 12.9 percent, as the automaker continues to struggle with logistical challenges and supply chain disruptions.

“The tense situation of component supply has repeatedly led to adjustments in production,” a VW spokesperson said, according to the report. “We expect a stabilization of supply over the course of the coming year.”

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