Tesla Model Y Tops Reliability Survey In China, Model 3 Close Behind

The Model Y is pricey compared to other EVs made in China, but buyers have few complaints according to a recent survey.

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The Tesla Model Y fared the best among all fully electric vehicles in a recent quality and reliability survey in China. While the Tesla Model 3 didn’t come in second place, it was also near the top of the long list of electric cars based on its real-world reliability, according to owners.

The recent survey was carried out by a website called 12365Auto. The data specifically applies to Q3 2022. The quality and reliability survey included around 40 electric models from a host of automakers.

Unlike the situation in the US, there is a multitude of EVs in China, and there has been for years. Moreover, many sell at prices that are much more affordable than Tesla’s models, though the electric automaker has been lowering prices and offering incentives in China. Meanwhile, the company has been raising prices and eliminating incentives on our shores.

The survey tracked owners’ complaints per 10,000 vehicles. The EVs with the fewest complaints related to quality and reliability earned the top honors. You can check out the chart that’s attached to the tweet below.

The chart above clearly shows the Tesla Model Y in the leading position (bottom right), with just 2.2 recorded complaints per 10,000 vehicles. Meanwhile, the Lixiang ONE tops the list for being the least reliable, with complaints nearly 20 times higher than the Model Y’s. However, it’s still slightly better than the industry average for all cars (gas included), which comes in a 42.2 per 10,000 vehicles, based on the data. The survey shows the industry average for EVs in China is 19.2 complaints per 10,000 cars.

As you may know, Tesla is selling a large number of its EVs in China, especially the Model Y electric crossover. Tesla just recently completed upgrades at its Gigafactory in Shanghai, which increased the factory’s production capacity considerably. However, Model Y crossovers built in China are also shipped overseas.

The Tesla Model 3 secured the fourth-place position, not far behind the Model Y. According to the website’s data, it received just 2.7 complaints per 10,000 vehicles.

What may be most interesting, at least to some readers, is the fact that Tesla has been under heavy scrutiny in the US for its vehicles’ quality and reliability. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve reported on the opposite trend in China.

Do you think it’s because the bar in China is lower and the rivals are inferior? Or, is Tesla simply doing a better job with quality control in China? Perhaps it’s some combination of the two. We’d love to read your thoughts.

Source: Teslarati

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