Tesla Software Update Rolls Out With Extensive List Of Improvements

Not only will your Tesla likely Supercharge faster after the update, but you'll also enjoy improved modes.

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If you asked any EV owner to list some potential updates they’d appreciate, you’d better bet at least some, if not most, would say they wish for their car to either have more range, charge more quickly, or both. Thanks to Tesla’s free over-the-air software updates, such requests can actually be granted.

Tesla just recently started rolling out its latest software update (2022.40.1), which helps to improve its EVs’ efficiency while Supercharging. If you happen to charge at a non-Tesla DC fast charger, the update should speed up the session there as well. This is because Tesla has updated the thermal controls to account for each DC fast charging station’s power output.

Managing heat is integral in helping EVs to charge more quickly, and Tesla was able to make this improvement by tweaking its vehicles’ software settings rather than redesigning hardware features. Not only will the update allow your car to charge more quickly and efficiently, but it will also save you money. Tesla wrote in the recent updates’ official release notes:

“During DC fast charging, the thermal system controls have been optimized for each charging station’s power capability, improving both charging and on-route battery preconditioning efficiency. This results in fast charge time and reduced energy costs.”

While Tesla typically has a “primary” feature or improvement that comes as part of its periodic over-the-air software updates, there are usually multiple upgrades or improvements each time an update is pushed to the fleet.

In addition to the increase in Supercharging efficiency, Tesla also notes that its built-in Media Player will now include radio station logos, which can make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Since some folks may have a hard time dealing with the touchscreen while driving, any effort to make things easier and more obvious certainly can’t hurt.

The update also includes a new Drive Door Unlock Mode, which is common in many other cars. Once you’ve opted to activate the feature, you can press and hold the lock button on the driver’s side door to unlock all the doors and open the trunk at the same time.

This is a nice feature if you regularly have family or friends riding in the car. If you travel alone, you may want to make sure that only the driver’s side door unlocks, which is the safer option. Simply press the button once without holding it, or don’t enable the new feature.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode and Dog Mode also get improvements. In the past, apparently, you couldn’t enable both Dog Mode and Sentry Mode at the same time. It makes sense to be able to have both features active so that you can keep your dog comfortable and safe, while also keeping tabs on your vehicle.

Tesla says that with the new update, activating Dog Mode and Sentry Mode at the same disables the alarm sounds. You will still be alerted if there is a potential issue, and the Sentry Mode feature will capture and save video footage, but the loud alarm won’t go off. You wouldn’t want the alarm to scare your pet, and we assume there’s a chance that if the dog was moving about the cabin enough, perhaps it could even set the alarm off on its own.

Keep in mind that it takes time for Tesla to get the latest software updates to all of the vehicles in its global fleet, so you may not get it right away.

Source: Drive Tesla Canada

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