‘That’s what it looks like in picture’: Customer roasts Dairy Queen’s rotisserie chicken bites, sparking debate

food, ‘that’s what it looks like in picture’: customer roasts dairy queen’s rotisserie chicken bites, sparking debate

Man holding Dairy Queen rotisserie chicken bite (l) Dairy Queen building with sign (c) man hand open above container of Dairy Queen rotisserie chicken bites (r)

TikToker Justin Chopelas (@JustinChopelas) unboxed his rotisserie chicken bites from Dairy Queen in a viral TikTok, catching his initial reaction to the menu item.

“So we went to Dairy Queen, and I got the rotisserie chicken. It was like $8,” Chopelas says, opening the box to reveal fries, a piece of bread, and what looks like chicken nuggets.

He grabs one of the chicken pieces. “What is this? Hold up. This is not what I thought I was getting when I got rotisserie chicken,” he says, adding, “They didn’t even have chocolate ice cream at Dairy Queen.”

Dairy Queen describes the menu item as “Rotisserie-Style Chicken Bites” on its official website, writing, “These bites are perfect for chicken lovers looking for a chicken option that can deliver both great tastes and big smiles,” and that each order “come[s] with six pieces of 100 percent white meat chicken and your choice of dip.”

Mashed has also criticized several hot menu items the popular Illinois-based chain offers, urging customers to stay away from burgers, chicken items, and hot dogs.

Other TikTokers who watched Chopelas video, which was viewed over 250,000 times, expressed their disappointment with some of DQ’s other hot food offerings. Others who also ordered the rotisserie bites said that they were similarly confused when they opened their meal box and saw what was inside.

“Last time I went to dg I got cheese fries and it was literally cold fries with a sprinkle of shredded cheddar,” one said.

“This happened to me i was so disappointed,” another wrote.

There were some who said that the menu item accurately describes to customers what they’re going to get.

“Bro they literally say rotisserie chicken BITES. Don’t go throwing shade at my Queen,” one said.

“That’s what it looks like in picture,” another claimed.

As for Chopelas’s claim that the particular Dairy Queen he visited did not carry chocolate ice cream, some TikTokers in the comments section claimed that particular Texas-based DQ’s only carry vanilla soft serve, not chocolate. Baking How confirmed this claim, stating, “Some Dairy Queens serve chocolate ice cream. Others do not. That’s because Dairy Queen’s are franchised, and the owner and operators don’t have to sell chocolate ice cream if they don’t want to.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Justin via TikTok comment and Dairy Queen via email.

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