The Best Advent Calendars 2022 For Adults: Jam, Beer, Skincare, & More

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

The Best Advent Calendars 2022 For Adults: Jam, Beer, Skincare, & More

It’s time. Mariah Carey said so, and she also told me that you need to go ahead and pick out your 2022 advent calendar for the holiday season. The best advent calendars go fast — some popular ones are already sold out — but Thanksgiving is the time of year when things get really tricky. Whether you want a beer advent calendar, a skincare advent calendar, or just a pretty ceramic advent calendar with ornaments, it’s time to A) choose one and B) order it before they’re all gone.

Advent calendars are one of my favorite holiday traditions. It’s the perfect little spark of joy, the best way to start (or end!) your December day. And they don’t just have to be advent calendars full of chocolate — although those are pretty great, and I’ve included a few really amazing ones in this list. But advent calendars these days go beyond your imagination. I mean, Aldi has an advent calendar that’s nothing but candles. There’s literally one that’s been curated by Dolly Parton to feature her favorite treats. And some come from your favorite skincare and cosmetics brands like Rituals, Lush, and L’Occitane.

Don’t feel silly buying an advent calendar for yourself — or for a loved one, for that matter. It’s just a fun way to celebrate, and picking one of the best advent calendars of 2022 means whoever opens the little door each day is going to get the ultimate gift. It’s thoughtful, it’s lovely, it’s something they actually like — even Ebenezer Scrooge would sign off on spending all of your shillings on these 2022 advent calendars. (But some are fairly Bob Cratchit-priced, too, don’t worry.)

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Bonne Maman Advent Calendar

Bonne Maman Advent CalendarBonne Maman

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

Look, the Bonne Maman Advent Calendar has a cult following for a reason. With 23 mini fruit spreads (and one honey), each day gives you the chance to live your brunch dreams as a countdown to Christmas. The box itself is gorgeous — it’ll look so pretty sitting in your kitchen — and the little doors are easily opened to reveal the classic red gingham lid of Bonne Maman on each individual jar. Some of the spreads included in the Bonne Maman Advent Calendar 2022 are chestnut and orange with spice, apple with caramel and cinnamon, and my personal favorite: pear with cocoa nibs.

You’ll want to act fast though. The Bonne Maman Advent Calendar 2022 is expected to sell out around Thanksgiving.

Godiva Truffles Advent Calendar

Godiva Holiday TrufflesMacy’s

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

Chocolate advent calendars aren’t just for kids — the Godiva Truffles Advent Calendar 2022 includes exquisite flavors like dark chocolate salted caramel, white chocolate Christmas cookie, dark chocolate cranberry signature, and chocolate roasted almond. They come beautifully wrapped, and the box itself is very festive and will look great right alongside your kids’ own chocolate advent calendars. Savor each truffle — I plan on enjoying mine after the out-the-door-shuffle every December morning with my third cup of coffee.

Rituals Advent Calendar

The Ritual of Advent 3D Advent CalendarRituals

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

I do not know if there is a more beautiful way to display skincare, cosmetics, and body care products than the Ritual of Advent 3D Advent Calendar from Rituals. The calendar comes in an a really nice gold box, and then the advent calendar itself requires a little construction. After you assemble the tree (Easily! There is a video!), you literally hang all 24 gold gifts as decorations on the tree, and then each day you can open one to enjoy a little bit of luxury. There are even string lights included to decorate your Rituals tree!

Some of the gifts included in the Rituals advent calendar are candles (there are four, one for every Sunday of Advent), body oil, ice shower gel, and face masks. But there are 24 gifts in total, so expect a lot more — and some are even full-sized products to enjoy well beyond the holidays. The products alone are worth over $160 in this advent calendar.

The Rituals advent calendar is seriously beautiful — I’m not sure how else to describe it — and for anyone who enjoys the Rituals brand, this is a must-have. It’s the perfect way to enjoy every December morning.

In Good Taste Wine Advent Calendar

In Good Taste Wine Advent CalendarIn Good Taste

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

There are few things nicer during the holidays than a little nightcap with a Christmas movie and a snack, and the In Good Taste Wine Advent Calendar makes that super easy to accomplish. In a super mod, 1960s-kind-of-vibe design, the In Good Taste wine advent calendar features 24 187-ml bottles of wine, with not a single taste repeating. There are pinots and whites, zinfandels and moscatos, and everything in between from all over the world, including Spain, South Africa, Argentina, and more.

The In Good Taste wine advent calendar also comes with tasting notes and daily tasting videos, as well as ideas on what to pair each varietal with for a meal or snack. This will look beautiful on a bar cart or in a cabinet, and the wine is just enough to get a taste and enjoy without feeling too sluggish the next morning.

With 4.9/5 stars and 344 reviews, it’s easy to say that this is a popular wine calendar. Order now so you’re all ready to go on Dec. 1.

Tea Forté Warming Joy Advent Calendar

Tea Forté Warming Joy Advent CalendarTea Forté

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

If you’re not a wine drinker, but love a nice warm beverage every December night (Who doesn’t?), then the Tea Forté Warming Joy Advent Calendar is the one for your nightcaps. There are 24 festive teas included, and not a single one repeats. So you can try everything from tried-and-true favorites like English breakfast tea and jasmine green tea to African solstice herbal tea and caramel nougat tea.

Each one comes in a pyramid-shaped infuser, and steeps 8 to 10 ounces of tea. The advent calendar itself is really pretty, too, and looks just festive enough to add some holiday cheer to your kitchen counter or coffee and tea bar.

Lush Advent Calendar

Lush Advent CalendarLush

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

The way my body shivered with excitement upon seeing the Lush advent calendar, you guys. Whether you prefer to save up Lush products for your self-care moments or you’re a daily Lush lotion user, the Lush 2022 Advent Calendar is incredible. Incredible! Let me walk you through it: there are 25 days of delicious bath goodies, including festive bath bombs, soaps, shower gels, and bubble bars, along with some of your Lush favorites like Sleepy body lotion. There are also several items that are exclusive to the Lush advent calendar, so if you want a one-of-a-kind festive bath, you need to pre-order.

And some of those festive items? They’re bigger than your standard bath product. Look, this isn’t an advent calendar with little shower gel samples the size of a thimble. There’s a golden pudding bath bomb that looks exactly like a traditional Christmas pudding, and it’s 50% bigger than other bath bombs. There’s also a reusable candy cane bubble bar, a sweet wild orange hand balm, and an Elf Shake shower gel with lots of mint to wake you up and come alive with the holiday spirit. I don’t want to share all of the surprises with you, but trust me: you want this advent calendar.

Lush advent calendars will begin shipping on Nov. 20, so order now.

Dolly Parton Advent Calendar

Holly Dolly Advent CalendarWilliams Sonoma

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

It’s a Holly Dolly Christmas, is it not? The Holly Dolly Advent Calendar is just darling, and features everyone’s favorite person — Dolly Parton. Curated by the icon herself, this calendar includes 24 little treats featuring some of Dolly’s favorite gummies, chocolates, caramels, and mints. I like to imagine a little bit of her compassion and star power is infused in every bite, but mostly I just hope the calendar will encourage you to enjoy the simple things in life and be as good of a person as Dolly Parton is.

Cheers Around The World Advent Calendar

Cheers Around the World Advent CalendarWSJ Wine

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

I know, another wine calendar. But it’s different! And deserves a spot here, too. First of all, the first thing I want you to know about the Cheers Around the World Wine Advent Calendar is that it’s enormous. It’s a huge triangular-shaped box and it features different illustrations of holiday traditions being celebrated around the world. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but 100% you’re going to need to find a place to display this wine advent calendar.

Once you have it somewhere though, enjoy opening up 24 days of wine. There are little quarter-bottles that cover everything from Sauvignon Blanc and rosé to port, and on Christmas Eve, there’s an extra special gift of a half-bottle of Prosecco. I’m a wine drinker, but I don’t know a lot about it, and one of the things I love about this Cheers Around the World wine advent calendar is that it’s the perfect amount of wine for my husband and I to try together after a December day of work and parenting, and it also gives me the chance to try a bunch of different varietals of wine without spending a fortune. I mean, $150 for 24 different bottles of wine is a pretty spectacular deal.

This wine advent calendar also ships free, and you should order by Nov. 21 to make sure it arrives on time for Dec. 1.

Walker’s Shortbread Advent Calendar

Walker’s Shortbread Advent CalendarWorld Market

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

Nothing says Christmas like a Walker’s shortbread, I’m sorry. (Even Mariah Carey knows where she stands in line with Walker’s shortbread cookies and Christmas spirit.) In an absolutely adorable display, the Walker’s Shortbread Advent Calendar features 24 perfect, buttery, crumbly shortbreads in little windows for you to open each day. There are six different kinds spread out through the month, including all-butter chocolate chip shortbread rounds, all-butter shortbread stars, and all-butter salted caramel shortbread squares. I’m drooling.

Enjoy a little taste of Christmas tradition each day with your shortbread. Might I suggest having it with your first cup of coffee?

L’Occitane Advent Calendar

L’Occitane Advent CalendarL’Occitane

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

This is the cutest advent calendar! For fans of L’Occitane (So, all of us?), the 2022 L’Occitane Advent Calendar includes 24 fan-favorite products, like rose hand cream, citrus verbena shower gel, and immortelle overnight reset oil-in serum. Everything’s travel-sized, but there is one full-sized special gift included in the L’Occitane advent calendar. (No, I’m not going to tell you. It’s a surprise!)

Because nearly all of the items are travel sizes, it’s actually not too enormous for displaying in your bathroom or on a dresser.

Kiehl’s Skincare Advent Calendar

Kiehl’s Skincare Advent CalendarKiehl’s

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

$261 worth of Kiehl’s products for $105 instead? Yes, please! The Kiehl’s Skincare Advent Calendar is a delight. Like the L’Occitane advent calendar, this one includes 24 travel-sized versions of some of Kiehl’s most popular and well loved products like multi-corrective cream, creamy eye treatment, and nourishing hydration mask. Every day in December isn’t always holly jolly, but the Kiehl’s advent calendar definitely is. Also, it’s so cute!

24 Cups Of Cocoa Advent Calendar

24 Cups of Cocoa K-Cup Advent CalendarWorld Market

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

You know what’s a classic holiday treat? Cocoa. You know what I don’t have enough of during the holidays? Cocoa. This super cute 24 Cups of Cocoa K-Cup Advent Calendar features flavors of hot chocolate you’ve probably thought to try, but never had the ingredients to make yourself. Everything from peppermint and caramel to cinnamon and gingerbread, it’s basically a collection of daily festive sips. I’d recommend saving these for that 2 p.m. slump when you’ve just remembered that your son has a Christmas program the next day and you need to find him an elf costume.

The bonus of them being K-Cups is that the advent calendar itself is really adorable and easy to just pop next to your Keurig machine so you never have to worry about forgetting to use one. In total, there are 12 flavors, so if you try one that you really love, just know it’ll end up back into your mug another day in December.

This advent calendar is already available in stores, so you might want to snag one before they’re all gone.

Lenox Treasured Traditions Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Lenox Treasured Traditions Christmas Tree Advent CalendarLenox

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

I am 100% obsessed with an advent calendar that can be used year after year, and this Lenox Treasured Traditions Christmas Tree Advent Calendar is just so gorgeous. The tree is small enough to sit on a tabletop just about anywhere, and the ornaments are lovely. The first 12 ornaments are numbered and represent the 12 Days of Christmas (my ballerina of a 4-year-old was really smitten with the pink ballet shoes to represent “8 ladies dancing”), while the other ornaments are a mixture of little snowflakes and cute striped baubles. There are 25 in total, which is a nice touch to have one left to hang on Christmas morning.

The Lenox Christmas Tree Advent Calendar has dainty little golden hooks all over (those are also numbered), making it easy to hook on the ornaments to decorate as you count down. It’s the perfect advent calendar for anyone, but makes for a beautiful heirloom piece to pass down to your children.

A Christmas Story 12 Days of Socks Countdown Calendar

‘A Christmas Story’ 12 Days of SocksCVS

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

If all you want for Christmas is an official Red Ryder carbine action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time, then might I suggest the 12 Days of A Christmas Story Socks Advent Calendar? Christmas socks are always such a fun thing to enjoy through December, and with the new A Christmas Story sequel coming Nov. 17, you can really get into the Ralphie spirit with these socks. Enjoy socks featuring your favorite quotes and scenes from the movie, like no-show socks designed to look like the fragile box (“Must be Italian!”), crew socks with the warning that you’ll shoot your eye out, and everything in between. The best part is, you could either open one every other day, or open them daily, and then just wash and rewear each pair for the remaining days before Christmas.

Mignonne Gavigan Advent Calendar

Mignonne Gavigan Jewelry Advent Calendar BoxMignonne Gavigan

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

Literally, a jewelry box of an advent calendar? I’m in love. Mignonne Gavigan jewelry is known for fun accessories and a lot of whimsy, but this absolutely gorgeous Mignonne Gavigan Jewelry Advent Calendar box features 12 luxurious treasures that just go beyond. I don’t want to give away all the delightful surprises, but just to give you a taste, the advent calendar includes exclusive items like Micro Madeline Earrings, Petite Crystal Madeline Studs, and so much more. Each little box of the advent calendar pulls out like a drawer, too, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting lost in the box or falling to the bottom.

This advent calendar is valued at nearly $900, but you can get the entire set for $385.

Friends Fizzers Advent Calendar

12 Days of Friends Fizzers Advent CalendarPaper Source

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

Remember that episode of Friends where Monica introduces Chandler to the perfect bath? Recreate your own version with this 12 Days of Friends Fizzers Advent Calendar. It’s an adorable box, including that famous yellow frame, and each bath fizzer has a nod to the show somehow. I always think Friends has some of the best holiday episodes, so enjoy a 12-day countdown to the holidays with your favorite eps (Hanukkah Armadillo, forever!) and a nice hot bath.

Aldi Beer Advent Calendar

Aldi Beer Advent Calendar 2022Aldi

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

Sometimes a daily sip or glass of wine is just too much, but an Aldi beer advent calendar? That might be just the one. The box is enormous, I must warn you. But it also has adorable illustrations featuring 24 doors so you can pick a daily December beer, and like a lot of the others on this list, it’s cute enough to display. (Or maybe keep in the fridge so those beers are nice and cold!) This is such a fun way to not only get festive at the end of a long work day (please start pairing beers with Christmas movies, thanks), but also gives you a chance to try a bunch of different beers you might never have tried before.

The Aldi beer advent calendar for 2022 is available in Aldi stores on Nov. 2.

Huntington Home Candle Advent Calendar

Huntington Home Candle Advent CalendarAldi

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

Whether you’ve been to Aldi to pick up something specific or to just see what the Aldi gods tell you to purchase, chances are you’ve sniffed a Huntington Home candle or two. They are just that good, and the price can’t ever be beat, which is why I am literally buzzing with excitement over the Huntington Home Candle advent calendar from Aldi. The calendar includes 24 mini versions of some of their best and most-loved fan favorites. Seriously, there’s like a cult-like following for these candles, and this advent calendar is the best if you want to try a whole bunch of different ones and find your favorite scent. And $40 for 24 candles? I mean, the perfect kind of deal.

Christmas Vacation 12 Days of Socks Countdown Calendar

‘Christmas Vacation’ 12 Days of SocksCVS

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

You’re gonna have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby danced with Danny F’n Kaye with these 12 Days of Christmas Vacation Socks Advent Calendar. There is (I think) a lot to admire about Clark W. Griswold, and his devotion to making this the best Christmas possible for his family is #1. Honor him (you know he has Christmas socks and probably more than 12 pairs) with this sock advent calendar countdown. There are crew socks featuring the infamous Wally Moose eggnog mugs and no-show socks with “Save the neck for me, Clark” quotes, and plenty more inside the box. I love the act of a daily surprise and the ritual of opening an advent calendar, but I could understand if you just wanted to rip these all open at once and pick your favorite pair each day. I don’t KNOW, Margot, you just do you.

Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar

Emporium Selection Advent Cheese CalendarAldi

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

You know that meme that’s like from Dec. 26 through Jan. 2, you’re just confused on what day it is and also full of cheese? Well, don’t wait until the holidays to get your cheese craving fulfilled. Aldi has an Emporium Selection Cheese Advent Calendar and it is delicious. With 24 ~festive~ mini cheeses, you can enjoy perfect (refrigerated) bites all December long. I highly recommend making this an afternoon advent calendar. When you get a break to yourself for a few minutes, whether it’s between meetings or during your baby’s nap before it’s time to pick up the big kid, just go open up that day’s little door and enjoy the perfect salty, crumbly, savory piece of cheese. (Also pairs very well with a wine advent calendar.)

The cheese advent calendar from Aldi will be available in stores on Nov. 2.

Bath & Body Works Advent Calendar

Bath & Body Works 12-Day Countdown CalendarBath & Body Works

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

Bath & Body Works couldn’t make a 24-day advent calendar because they knew they would become too powerful. Instead, there is the perfectly sized Bath & Body Works 12-day Countdown Calendar. All of your favorite festive scents are there in hand creams, hand sanitizers, wall flowers, lotions, candles, and more — it’s like opening the perfect Bath & Body Works stocking for 12 days in December. Whether you want to make it for Dec. 1 through Dec. 12, Dec. 13 through Dec. 25, or save it for Dec. 25 through Jan. 6 and extend the holiday season a little longer, this is such a fun one to enjoy.

M.A.C. Advent Calendar

M.A.C. Bursting with Surprises Advent CalendarM.A.C. Cosmetics

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

First of all, a M.A.C. advent calendar? Perfection. But then you actually see the calendar? I’m drooling. This ultra glam advent calendar is shaped like an old-school cosmetics case with lots of shiny red foil patterns and gold weaved throughout. And inside? A literal treasure trove. You’ve got lip glass, matte and lustreglass finish lipsticks, eyeshadows, a brow set, and so much more. Like all advent calendars, it’s a fun way to try a bunch of things you might not have picked up on your own, but the M.A.C. Bursting with Surprises Advent Calendar is also just really great for any makeup or beauty junkie. Maybe you needed a little extra motivation to perk up in the morning, or maybe you’ll find a lipstick in here that changes the course of the whole day and improves your attitude. It is the magic of the holiday season, after all.

Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent CalendarAldi

food, the best advent calendars 2022 for adults: jam, beer, skincare, & more

The advent calendar of my husband’s dreams: the Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar from Aldi. For just $20, you can have the gift of heat with 25 individual, perfectly sized hot sauces to taste-test on a variety of foods. Try opening up one day’s hot sauce in the morning for a spicy breakfast take on your eggs, another at lunch for hot sauce on your sandwich, and one in the evening for that midnight quesadilla you’re going to devour once your kids are in bed. The price is amazing, and this hot sauce advent calendar will be available in all Aldi stores on Nov. 2.

Whether you’re starting a new advent calendar tradition or just looking to try something different, there is literally an advent calendar for everyone. Pick your favorite and get to opening.

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