The best home decor hacks to spruce up your space

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Optimize living room space with pouffes

Does your decor need a breath of fresh air, but you don’t know where to start? Sometimes, making a few small changes can have a big effect. Here are 20 tips to give your interior space a new look without a lot of work.

food, the best home decor hacks to spruce up your space

Display beautiful clothing on the wall

Kill two birds with one stone by using your loveliest clothing items to decorate your wall. A fedora hat, knitted handbag, or silk scarf can add a bit of wow to your bedroom or entryway.If you’re the type to buy artisanal textiles on your travels, now’s the time to show them off. For those with more nostalgic tastes, consider framing your favourite items, such as an old swimsuit or the pyjamas your children have outgrown.

a kitchen with a sink and a mirror

Opt for a green kitchen

2020 has forced a true return to basics. So why not transform your kitchen into a peaceful haven while you’re at it? Paint one or several walls a natural green tint to create a calm, comforting environment. The colour green and its variations (pine, sage, verdigris, etc.) are among the year’s most popular trends. You’ll see, cooking will be as delightful as a walk in the forest!

a bedroom with a large bed in a room

Illuminate your home with backlighting

Add a modern touch to your home decor with some backlighting. Install a luminous strip behind the television, above your kitchen cabinets, or under the bed. Vary the atmosphere from one room to the other by varying the type of bulb (cool white, warm white, golden yellow, etc.). Whatever you choose, you’re sure to achieve a luxurious and relaxing ambiance.

a clock on a table

Fix up old furniture

Has your coffee table seen better days, pocked with scratches and a bit rough around the edges? Instead of replacing it, bring back its former glory with a new look. You have several options, depending on the type of furniture. Strip off the old finish and repaint it, cover part or all of it in wallpaper, or switch out the hardware. A few little tweaks will turn any old piece into a star!

a bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Add decorative rugs

Often, all you need to revamp your decor is a colourful or patterned rug. In fact, this technique will work in every room in your house. Placing a beautiful rug under your dining table, at the foot of your bed or in the living room is super easy. You can even hang one on the wall. Vary the colour, play around with shapes, textures, and locations. Did you know that you can even give new life to an old rug with a bit of paint?

a dining room table in front of a wooden chair

Try mismatched chairs

Liven up your dining room with the latest trend, mix-and-match chairs. Start slowly by placing chairs with different looks at the ends of the table. For more of a statement, choose chairs within the same colour palette. Whatever you decide, be sure to keep it within the “feel” of your dining room.

a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Bring back the terrazzo look

Popular in the ’80s, the terrazzo look has made a strong comeback in recent years. Its speckled texture resembling natural stone adds lots of punch to any room. Bring this look to your walls, floors, and accessories with terrazzo-styled wallpaper or vinyl or ceramic tiles.

a bedroom with a large bed in a room

Get more space with a mirror

You don’t have to call a general contractor to make your living space look bigger. All it takes is a skillfully placed mirror in the spot you want to enlarge, and you’re done! Hanging a mirror on the longest wall in a narrow room will give an impression of depth. Alternately, opt for a mirrored living room wall to create the illusion of more space.

a view of a living room

Just like your old furniture, consider revamping rather than retiring your sofa. Some websites, like Comfort Works, can create custom slipcovers guaranteed to wow. For a less expensive option, buy a standard slipcover that adequately matches the shape of your couch. Velour, florals, bright colours: Nothing’s too beautiful for your living room’s showpiece.

a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv

Divide rooms

If your home has an open floor plan, add an openwork divider to define living spaces without weighing down the room. Try a yarn partition to create a separate living room. It’s easy to make, and warms up a space while allowing light to pass between rooms. If you’re not up for some DIY, try placing shelves, a bookcase, or a long sofa between the living and dining areas.

a living room filled with furniture and a large window

Move furniture away from walls

According to, a common decorating mistake is placing all your furniture against the walls. They recommend positioning furniture in cozy groupings, away from the walls, to avoid creating large empty areas. More audacious decorators can try placing their sofas or beds in the middle of the room.

a bedroom with a large bed in a room

Think vertical

There’s no easier way to enlarge a room than by playing with vertical lines. Wallpaper with vertical lines makes walls seem larger and ceilings higher. You can also use curtains or accessories with linear patterns for a similar effect.

a hotel room

Give the ceiling a starring role

Things are looking up! Decorative ceilings are all the rage and can easily embellish any room in the house. Reproduce an antique look with metallic wallpaper or have fun with perspective by adding coloured stripes to the ceiling. Take it a step further and install wood boxes on the ceiling for a sensational architectural effect.

a room with a sink and a mirror

Replace your shower curtain

What’s the first thing you see when you enter a bathroom? That’s right, the shower curtain. Give this room an easy makeover with a pretty curtain that catches the eye. For even more character, buy a complete set with a shower curtain, rug, hand towels, etc. Not only is this a low-cost upgrade, replacing the shower curtain can prevent mould and bad odours.

a view of the television

Warm white or cool white?

A large part of your home’s ambiance is determined by the colour of your light bulbs. Warm white bulbs create a cozy, hospitable atmosphere, while cool white light is more appropriate for work spaces, like offices and kitchens. If your living room or bedroom feels impersonal, consider replacing your bulbs with a type that diffuses soft, warm light. On the other hand, increase your productivity by installing cool illumination in rooms where appropriate.

a vase with flowers in front of a window

Decorate window sills

Often taken for granted, window sills are valuable resources for sprucing up a room. Add sun-loving plants and cacti, arrange vases of various sizes, or place a small candlestick on the sill. Whatever you choose, this often unused location is perfect for adding a decorative touch to your interior without overloading the room.

a close up of a door

Swap coat hooks for a locker

Give your entryway an industrial look by swapping out your coat hooks for a school locker. Not only is it unique, this cute metal box makes it easy to store outdoor clothing like shoes, boots, hats, coats, mittens, etc. You’ll avoid the clutter that accumulates way too quickly in this area, especially in winter.

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Optimize living room space with pouffes

Why not replace one of your armchairs with some nice comfy pouffes? They help free up space easily and economically while adding originality to your room. Knitted pouffes remain quite popular, but you could also go for the timeless bean bag, or even colourfully upholstered cubes.

a living area with wooden wheels in a room

Purge your space

There’s a reason why the KonMari method, developed by Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo, is so popular. Living in a well-organized home boosts your mood! Before you redecorate, clear out your space. Collect and dispose of any superfluous items. Your living space will look better and seem more attractive right away. Plus, the few hours you spend tidying up will save precious dollars on decorating items.

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers sits on a bed

Create your own headboard

Step off the beaten path and personalize your own decorative headboard. For a look that pops, paint a bold geometric shape on the wall. For a dramatic effect, try black paint or charcoal-coloured wallpaper. For a simpler option, consider hanging a large painting behind your bed.

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