The cheese toastie was named the UK's favourite sandwich - here's how to make one

food, how to, the cheese toastie was named the uk's favourite sandwich - here's how to make one

What filling do want between the slices? (Picture: Getty)

In a closely fought contest, on National Sandwich Day, the cheese toastie has been crowned the nation’s favourite sandwich.

The countrywide study, conducted by online food ordering app Foodhub, chewed over the nation’s sandwich habits and found that the cheese toastie is the new favourite, beating out last year’s number one, the bacon sandwich.

Taking third prize was the simple cheese sandwich – proving we’re a nation of cheesy sarnie lovers.

The result does mean some popular classics missed out on a top slot. The famous sausage, prawn mayo and egg mayo sandwiches all failed to dent the nation’s top three.

food, how to, the cheese toastie was named the uk's favourite sandwich - here's how to make one

A grilled cheese toastie (Picture: Getty Images)

And when it came to complementing our beloved meal, one in five of those surveyed named mayo the nation’s favourite sandwich condiment.

This was followed by butter (16%), ketchup (14%), hot sauce (11%) and salad cream (10%).

food, how to, the cheese toastie was named the uk's favourite sandwich - here's how to make one

The bacon butty has been knocked off the top spot (Picture: Getty Images)

But there is a generational divide on what bread we like our sandwiches on.

Those aged 65 and over overwhelmingly state wholemeal is the best (18%), whereas those aged between 25 and 34 named sourdough (10%) number one.

Emma Stockman, a spokesperson for Foodhub, said: ‘Britain is a nation of sandwich lovers.

‘Last year there was no surprise to see bacon named our favourite sandwich filling, however, we were shocked to see cheese toastie has topped the charts this time.

‘Our study also saw hamburger (5%) finish within the top ten, reigniting the debate of whether a burger can be classed as a sandwich or not.’

So how do you make the perfect cheese toastie?

Patrick Williams, Chef Patron of Kudu Collective gave us his signature cheese toastie recipe (AKA Braaibroodjie) and it’s a doosie.


  • Cheddar cheese
  • Two slices of bread
  • Butter
  • Salt

Step one: Butter your bread on both sides, the staler the bread the better.

Step two: Pop the cheddar cheese slices on the bread, then add a couple of tomato slices. Add some salt.

Tip: You can tie the sandwich together with string to grill it in a pan, if you don’t have a toastie maker.

Step three: Make sure you pan isn’t too hot, otherwise your bread will burn. Cook for four to five minutes making sure the cheese is melted and the tomatoes are hot.

Step four: Then take it off the heat, cut off the string and plate it up.

If you feel like elevating your cheese toastie, Patrick’s ultimate recipe includes using sourdough bread.

He adds thinly sliced tomato and red onion in with the cheese, sprinkling coriander seeds and black pepper on the tomatoes before he cooks it on the BBQ rather than the grill.

To top if off he said to serve it with your favourite chutney. Patrick always goes for South African Apricot blatjang (a chutney made of dried fruit and chilies cooked in vinegar).

UK’s favourite sandwiches:

  • BACON (7%)
  • CHEESE (6%)
  • SAUSAGE (5%)
  • PRAWN MAYO (5%)
  • EGG MAYO (5%)
  • HAMBURGER (5%)
  • ROAST BEEF (4%)
  • TURKEY (4%)
  • TUNA (4%)

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