The Horror of Black Water from Encenada Beach Resort in Puerto Galera

I planned this trip to be extra special.

I know my girlfriend is stressed with work so I really intended our next vacation to be just relaxing and enjoyable. That’s why when she told me she wanted to go to Puerto Galera, I opted not to visit the party crazy and congested part of this tourist spot, which is the “White Beach.”

I decided to bring her to the calm and relaxing side of Puerto Galera, the Muelle Area particularly at the Varadero Bay.

explore, travel, the horror of black water from encenada beach resort in puerto galera
explore, travel, the horror of black water from encenada beach resort in puerto galera

What a relaxing way to start the day. 🙂

How To Get There

This secluded part of Puerto Galera can be reached and enjoyed by just taking a bus from Manila to Batangas port which is about 2 hours travel time. Jam Transit in Buendia offers a daily early morning trip to Batangas pier.

Then in Batangas port, look for the motor boat bound to Muelle Pier, not the popular White Beach. Okay?

I assure you, you will be definitely captivated by the beauty of nature once you arrive at the Muelle Port.

After paying some environmental fees, it was time to go to the resort we booked a few days ago.

I took charge in looking for a tricycle to bring us there. For only 20 pesos, we were brought to our hotel. At last, it was time for us to rest after a long travel of more than 3 hours.

explore, travel, the horror of black water from encenada beach resort in puerto galera
explore, travel, the horror of black water from encenada beach resort in puerto galera

But unfortunately, there was a bit of disappointment when we arrived at the Encenada Beach Resort, the one I contacted a few days ago to book, even paid in full for our stay.

It turned out that the person in charge for booking did not properly coordinate to their front desk making our arrival at the resort full of talk, explanation and inconvenience.

I just told my girlfriend to just sit down at the resort’s restaurant and let me handle the talking.

After a few more minutes, we were finally brought to the beach front accommodation that we booked. It was a simple nipa hut house or cottage wih balcony, it was perfect for a vacation that I just wanted for us.

As we entered the cottage, I hurriedly jump on the bed, acting as if I was so tired and I really wanted to sleep. This is just my way of making my girlfriend smile or even laugh because she knows I easily get sleepy all the time. LOL!

We both talked a bit, commenting on how cute and simple our room was. It has no air-con, you could feel the cold and relaxing breeze of air coming from the beach.

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explore, travel, the horror of black water from encenada beach resort in puerto galera

The Beach Front Cottage. Photo From Encenada Resort Website

I was still there on the bed when my girlfriend entered the bathroom to just change clothes and fix something, you know the girl thing.

Again, I’ve already admitted how easy I can get sleepy. I remember I was starting to doze off to sleep… the air coming the beach can really make you so relaxed.

It was just a matter of seconds before I can totally surrender and sleep, until I heard a scream coming from the bathroom.

It was my girlfriend.

It was a scream of horror, as if she has encountered something terrifying in the bathroom.

I hurriedly stood up and went straight to her, when I opened the door she just ran next to me, like a scared little girl waiting for someone to rescue her.

She told me, “look, look at the water!”

I couldn’t comprehend it at first, but when I looked at the faucet. I saw the reason of her scream of terrifying horror.

The water that was coming out of the faucet was black! Can you believe that?

It was so black you would know it was mixed with dark mud.

At first, I thought of some Asian horror films I watched in the past wherein there were some scary bathroom scenes that the faucet would just turn on on its own dripping black water and sometimes even blood from the faucet.

But then I realized our experience was not about horror films or ghost. It was simply about the question of why the water was black?

It was a question of cleanliness…of sanitation.

And knowing my girlfriend to be a cleanliness freak with a bit of obsessive compulsive, seeing filthy black water coming out of the faucet is a complete horror for her!

I just went straight to the resort’s reception to tell them about our experience. They sent someone to check our room, but you could sense they were in a defensive mode, like acting as if our experience was just impossible to happen.

The woman they sent was also surprised to see the bathroom floor stained with black. And when she turned on the faucet, she herself witnessed that terror that we were talking about.

They did not give us a decent explanation why the water was black.

They just said it was a long time since they had a guest to use our cottage. Good thing they transferred us to another room with air-con and huge bathroom.

Though we appreciate the resort’s way of apology for the bad experience, we couldn’t deny the fact that the sight of the black water had already ruined our day, especially my girlfriend’s.

We were so stressed of the experience that we took a nap and then woke up in the afternoon to just eat and finally enjoy the beach.

I could say that our sleep helped us to just relax again and forget about the experience.

By afternoon, we were able to do the very reasons why we had that vacation in the first place – to just relax and enjoy each others company.

explore, travel, the horror of black water from encenada beach resort in puerto galera
explore, travel, the horror of black water from encenada beach resort in puerto galera

The view from our “new” room.

When it was the time for some early dinner, we were offered by the resort’s people to try their menu at the restaurant, but we declined.

Well, not really declined, we just made up some reasons that we were not that hungry and all, even though we were.

That black water horrifying experience was still on our minds, giving us an indelible impression about the resort as a whole.

If they can let their water sewage at their rooms to be filthy, they can afford to be lax on other aspects of their service.

Besides the food at their restaurant are just unreasonably pricey – too pricey for a resort that has flowing muddy water from their faucet!

As we walked hand in hand looking for a place to eat outside the resort. We saw this white and modern inspired hotel beside the resort we were checked in.

I thought, hmm…

Maybe we can try that hotel when we get back to this beautiful place of Varadero Bay, Puerto Galera.