The Key Ingredient For Vegan Tortellini

food, the key ingredient for vegan tortellini


When it comes to comfort foods, pasta reigns supreme. Tortellini is arguably the coziest pasta dish of them all; traditionally, the ring-shaped delicacies are stuffed with ricotta cheese and ground meat. But did you know that tortellini has a distant relative called tortelloni? The main difference comes down to the size of the pillowy pasta (tortelloni are typically larger), as well as the traditional fillings used with each (tortelloni is typically stuffed with cheese, while tortellini usually combines meat and cheese), per MasterClass. The sauces often differ too, as tortellini are typically served in broth, while tortelloni are often dished up in a light sauce.

While you can find pre-packaged tortellini in the refrigerated section of your grocery store for a quick and easy dinner, there’s just something about making homemade pasta dough that ups the cozy factor. Plus, if you have particular dietary restrictions, you know exactly what ingredients you’re adding when you make the dish from scratch.

So if you’re craving a comforting pasta dish but stick to a vegan diet, never fear! You can still enjoy this comfort food classic by making your own egg-free pasta dough at home and using a key ingredient to keep your tortellini filling plant-based.

Use This For Vegan Tortellini Filling

food, the key ingredient for vegan tortellini

Vegan cashew cheese

When it comes to the filling for your tortellini, you have a number of options at your fingertips for dairy-free cheese alternatives. Vegan cheese, particularly vegan ricotta, is a great go-to option! If you’re short on time, opt for a pre-made vegan ricotta, like Kite Hill’s plant-based almond milk ricotta alternative (which is also gluten-free and kosher).

Or, if you’ve got the time and are looking to hone your skills in the kitchen, try making your own homemade vegan cheese in three simple steps, with a bag of cashews as the base. The method results in a fluffy, ricotta-like texture and creates the perfect non-dairy filling for homemade tortellini. While you’re at it, you can also use cashews to make a creamy vegan pasta sauce to toss your homemade tortellini in, or go the more traditional route with a vegetable-based broth.

Beyond a cheese alternative, you can also pack your tortellini with veggies like spinach or even meat substitutes, as recommended by MasterClass, like beef or chorizo crumbles. And when preparing any kind of pasta at home, remember to make sure to avoid these common mistakes you’re making with pasta.

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