The Legend Behind The Windmills of Kinderdijk

Aside from their lovely tulips, the Netherlands is also home to the rustic Kinderdijk windmills - a system of 19 windmills built in 1740.

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Aside from their lovely  tulips, the Netherlands is also home to the rustic windmills of Kinderdijk. Located in the municipality of Molenwaard, province of South Holland, this system of 19 windmills built in 1740 is by far the largest concentration of old windmills in the Netherlands – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a well-known Dutch attraction.

This tourist site has its own story to tell. The folktale “The Cat and the Cradle” was based on the story of the ancient windmills of Kinderdijk. Legend has it that after a long stormy night, a man saw a cat saving the life of a baby girl by rocking the cradle back and forth to keep the water out. Like the cat’s action to save the life of the baby girl, the windmills keep the village from being flooded with excess water.

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