The Meaning Of LaCroix's Sourcing Tagline

food, the meaning of lacroix's sourcing tagline

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Few can resist the crisp taste coming from a can of sparkling water. As consumers move away from traditional soft drinks, sugar-free bubbly waters have cemented their place in the market. According to Zippia, in 2021 sparkling water sales around the world totaled over $33 billion. Their explosion in popularity is further evidenced by the new brands that continue to make their stamp on the market.

One of the longstanding brands in the sparkling water category is the iconic representation of millennial culture known as LaCroix. Named after a blend of LaCrosse, Wisconsin and the St. Croix River, per Business Insider, LaCroix was founded in 1981 and saw its popularity reach incredible heights in the five year period between 2013 through 2018 (via Bloomberg). Bloomberg says LaCroix sales nearly octupled during this period, with total dollars sold reaching $800 million in 2018.

When asked about their sourcing, LaCroix vaguely states that their waters are locally sourced from “various locations throughout the U.S.” (via the company’s FAQ page). This mysterious declaration is enough to spark confusion, especially in a world where other brands, such as direct competitor Topo Chico, are proud to tell customers that their waters are “bottled at the source,” including the exact region (via Topo Chico).

Other Brands Are Far More Clear About Their Source

food, the meaning of lacroix's sourcing tagline

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In 1996, National Beverage Corporation purchased the LaCroix brand (via Business Insider) adding the company to their established list of drinks, including the popular NiCola, Mr. Pure, and Shasta Beverages, the latter of which claims there are nine plants where related brands are produced. However, while these plants are spread across the United States, the Shasta website does not make the specific locations clear.

One competitor, San Pellegrino, makes clear on its website that the brand’s bottled water is sourced from the base of the Dolomite Mountains. And yet another brand, Castle Rock Water Company explains on its website that the brand sources its water from Mount Shasta in California. While the consumers of many other sparkling water brands can easily trace their water back to a specific source, because of the “various locations” that LaCroix refers to in its sourcing tagline, the same cannot be said about this brand.

Though the exact source of LaCroix is shrouded in a bit of mystery, their website insists that LaCroix “adheres to strict processes and standards to assure the quality and consistency of the brand” and this includes thorough filtering of the locally-sourced water.

As their tasty flavors continue to mesmerize consumers across the nation, perhaps in the end there’s a bit of magic in the “various locations” where LaCroix is produced. Be sure to check out our ranking of the best LaCroix flavors for some seriously delicious sparkling water inspiration.

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