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The most annoying people on dating apps

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Don’t be hard on yourself

Depending who you ask, dating apps are either a wonderful place where someone could meet their lifelong partner, or an absolute hellscape where the worst humans congregate. The anonymity of the internet plus the awkwardness of dating means there are plenty of strange individuals on the apps. Here are some of the most annoying types and habits.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps


Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. In a world where it takes two seconds to reply to someone, there’s little reason to completely ghost anyone. It comes across as a cowardly way to turn someone down, although exceptions can be made if the person in question was being particularly toxic.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Bad greeters

With a selection of photos and a detailed bio presented as a first glimpse into any user’s life, the average person should seemingly have no problem picking out something interesting to initiate conversation, such as complimenting a pet or celebrating a shared interest. Despite all this, far too many people on dating apps open with a simple “hey” or “hello” leaving the conversation dead before it started.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Multi-day repliers

No one is expecting you to be glued to your phone every second—in fact, it’s probably better you’re not. That said, people who consistently take multiple days to reply to a message are simply exhausting. It’s difficult to carry on a conversation or make any sort of plans if you’re waiting two to four business days for each response.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Fluent in sarcasm

If the person you’re talking to claims they are “fluent in sarcasm” as part of their bio, chances are you’re watching them raise a red flag as you speak. While sarcasm is a great way to convey comedy, anyone that proudly overdoes it can be a nightmare to try and speak to.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Bad conversationalists

A good conversation is like a tennis match with plenty of back and forth and the two participants setting the other one up. However, many people seem to think their one-word replies with no follow-up are enough and then are shocked when the conversation dies down. If you’re not putting energy into it, don’t be surprised when people lose interest.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

‘The Office’ is their personality

The Office is a fantastic television show, with a cast of wonderful characters. However, you are neither Jim Halpert nor Pam Beesly, and shouting quotes and references does not count as having a conversation. If the person idolizes Michael Scott and friends, chances are that they don’t have much else going on.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Out-of-date photos

Let’s not beat around the bush here: physical attraction is a massively important factor in dating. So when someone uses severely out-of-date photos that don’t accurately represent what they currently look like, it’s extremely deceptive and an awful way to attempt to initiate a relationship.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

If you’re on the apps just to hook up, then more power to you, but be sure to let the other person know early in the conversation or in your bio. Dropping in the fact that you’re just visiting from out of town and will be leaving in a few days several hours into a match is a quick way to waste the time of someone who was looking for a more meaningful connection.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Long list of demands

Some people really have the audacity to show up with a list of demands as if they’re the star of The Bachelor and everyone only exists to compete for them. If your bio or initial messages include a description of how your ideal match should look, act, behave, and dress, just do us all a favour and delete your account.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Boundary breakers

This one became especially apparent during the pandemic, when everyone had different boundaries for how safe they felt going out and meeting people. If you don’t respect someone’s boundaries over meeting up, that’s a big red flag for how you’ll react to other issues of trust and consent.

a man talking on a cell phone

Poor posture

The irony of seeing “I hate dating apps” or “We can tell our friends we met somewhere else” in a dating app is too funny to not take notice of. It’s also another red flag for someone who bathes in their own hypocrisy. Dating apps have become more normalized than ever and acting like you’re better than them when you clearly aren’t is just strange.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Clout farmers

Having your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever else linked in your bio makes it pretty clear that you’re mostly on here to farm followers and don’t really care about matching with anyone. Focus more on making good content instead of wasting time on the wrong apps.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Name puns

Dating apps have gone through a few metas of what is the right thing to say during matches and none are more overused than the name puns. I’m sure any woman with a name like Karen, Jenny, or Lucy can tell you the sheer amount of repetitive cultural references she’s had to put up with during her time online.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps

Too many group photos

Okay, so you want me to date you but… I can’t figure out who you are? Trying to determine who your potential match is by playing some sort of logic game where you narrow down candidates from photo to photo requires far more work than anyone is willing to do on these dating apps.

food, the most annoying people on dating apps


Not only is catfishing a cruel way to waste someone’s time, it’s borderline sociopathic. Pretending to be someone you’re not, for attention or more nefarious purposes, is one of the worst ways you could mess with someone and potentially really damage them emotionally.

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