The most majestic mullets in rugby

food, the most majestic mullets in rugby

One of the best mullets you’re ever going to see. Image: Supplied

With Movember officially underway, we’re going to admire body hair of all kinds and that starts with the best mullets in rugby.

food, the most majestic mullets in rugby

Jack Goodhue rocking the classic mullet and ‘tache combo. Image:

Mullets were a huge craze back in the early 2000s. They fell off the face of the earth for a while but now they’re back in a big way.

food, the most majestic mullets in rugby

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The most majestic mullets in world rugby

Darragh Murray

Ireland’s Darragh Murray was recently capped for the first time. We believe that “best mullet in world rugby” will be the next accolade in his career. Just look at that thing. It’s a very extreme example of business at the front and party at the back. Outrageous. But beautiful. It’s hard to actually put this feeling into words.

Tom Dunne

Bath’s Tom Dunne has a majestic mullet but it’s tempting to actually call this thing a skullet. Unreal scenes. That’s all we’re going to say really. We’ve heard that he’s growing it for charity but can neither confirm no deny that at this point. Apologies for the terrible quality of this image but it’s proving extremely difficult to find any others. Strange. That won’t be the case in the coming months when this mullet wins an Oscar.

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Andy Goode

This is what peak male physical performance looks like, whether you like it or not. Andy Goode is a cult figure for club and country, after amassing over 400 games and scoring over 4000 points spanning an 18-year career. He was never skinny either, but that didn’t stop him. Let this be a lesson to us all.

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Jack Goodhue

The Crusaders centre is infamous for his mullet. Unfortunately, he’ll be sidelined for a while now after undergoing surgery on an injured knee. The optimist in me says that this provides him the opportunity to regrow his mullet, after he and his barnet parted ways in August 2020.

Tawera Nikau

Here’s one from the archives. New Zealander Tawera Nikau was prominent in the 1990s and early 2000s and that beautiful mullet was always flowing behind him. Like a loyal pet.

We’re going to be hunting down the best mullets in football next time. Can you think of any to help us out?

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