The One Thing You Need To Transform Camping Into A Glamping Experience

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RVing is very popular right now. Waiting time to buy is long as the factories can’t build them fast enough to meet demand! Maybe you want to try camping in an RV before buying? Renting an RV has never been easier. But if you’ve never towed an RV or driven one, you might be hesitant. Yet the camping experience is calling you. What are your options? Enter the world of deliverable RVs for your Glamping pleasure.

Glamping is upscale camping. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors or visit a national or state park but aren’t into pitching a tent, then up your game to camping in an RV. Don’t stop there. Keep upping your game. Why drive or tow an RV when you can arrive at your campsite and use a fully prepared RV? That’s glamping!

I’ve been towing my own Airstream for years and love my experiences, except when I don’t. I have to contend with the physical labor of hitching up, driving, setting up, and tearing down a campsite, and towing again. This ritual includes tasks like emptying black and grey tanks, securing and storing everything, and staying safe on the road. This is my choice, and I’ve come to accept all facets of RV living. But you don’t have to. You can enjoy all the amenities of RV camping without any of the hassles of getting the trailer or RV to the site. Some days I think such a valet service would be wonderful. Just sit and relax because someone else has done all the heavy lifting for you.

activities and interests, glamping, hotels and resorts, rving, types of travel, the one thing you need to transform camping into a glamping experience


Here are five reasons why I think spending a weekend or a week in an already set-up RV from a company like RVshare is the glamping experience you should try.

1. No Hassles, No Obstacles — Just Enjoy

You have a long weekend and are ready to get out and enjoy nature. You load up your cooler, pack your bags, grab your gear for fishing or hiking, and head to the campground. That’s right — drive to the campground. No stops to get the trailer, fill it, hitch it, and battle traffic. You pass GO and collect a deserved vacation in your favorite outdoor spot. Nothing to do but enjoy your precious time. For those who are less able, RV Glamping is the perfect way to enjoy a weekend camping. Hoisting heavy hitches is not always easy. Chocking and leveling requires bending and lifting. Lugging electrical cords and sewer hoses requires effort. Some people may not be able to do these things. Glamping is the perfect option for those who need to conserve energy and strength. Everyone should be able to enjoy time in the great outdoors.

2. No Checklists

Ask any RVer, and they’ll tell you that any mistake they’ve made could have been avoided if they had followed their checklist. I have mine laminated so I can easily use it regardless of rain or forgetting it in the bed of my truck. Checklists are a necessity for RVing unless you are Glamping! Someone else has done all the worry and effort of checking off the setup. The tasks aren’t hard, but why bother? Your water tank is filled. Your batteries are charged. Your hookups are already done. The fridge is cold and waiting for your libations and weekend goodies to be loaded from your cooler. Fresh towels are hung and paper products are already out and ready to use. The bed is made and pillows are fluffed. Safety chocks are in place. The hitch and stabilizers are set and leveled. The only checklist you need is for your personal gear and food. How easy is that?

3. No Towing Or Backing In Required

The most challenging tasks I had to learn as an RVer are towing and backing into my campsite. Hauling a trailer is challenging. First, I had to learn to drive my tow vehicle. Sedans and compact cars don’t pull travel trailers. Switching lanes, getting into and out of a gas station, making wide turns in small towns — all can be hair raising. But the most dreaded feat for many RVers is backing into the campsite. Watch out for low-hanging tree branches. Be careful not to take the turn too sharply and take out the campsite marker (oops — I did that). Get the trailer into perfect alignment so you can back down a longer campsite without turning off the pad. Get close enough to the utility boxes and sewer drain so you can hook up without stretching the cables and hoses. Eventually, you get the hang of all this. But when your RV is delivered for you — these are not your problems.

activities and interests, glamping, hotels and resorts, rving, types of travel, the one thing you need to transform camping into a glamping experience


4. Enjoy Camping By Glamping

There are many reasons that RVing has become popular during the pandemic. But I guarantee you that the number one reason is that people enjoy being in nature and being there comfortably. Anyone can pitch a tent, but why? You can have all the comforts of home — a nice bed, fridge, private bathroom that flushes, electric lights, an awning, and TVs for DVDs, streaming, or cable. Roughing it is over-rated. We like our creature comforts like plugging in or percolating our morning coffee, fixing breakfast on a stove — not a campfire, charging up our phones and laptops, and having cold wine in the fridge for cocktail hour. During the day, you can get as rugged as you like — hiking up that mountain, spotting wildlife in the forest, and kayaking or canoeing on the lake or river. But when it’s time to relax, you’ll do it in style and comfort.

5. No Assembly Or Experience Required

The fun of vacation is exploring new adventures, seeing new sights, and enjoying your time away from home. Who wants to spend half their time reading instructions, making mistakes and having to redo things, or worse, getting stuck and losing half a day figuring something out in complete frustration? This may not happen to you if you are towing or driving an RV. It may be a completely smooth experience. But if you have zero experience in RVing — why chance it? Leave it all to the experts. Arrive at your campsite and start enjoying the amenities. Some rentable RVs are set up with camp chairs, a solo stove and gas grill, and firewood (if allowed). You’ll find the light switches, open the awning, stock your fridge, and build a fire. Meet your camp host, wave to the neighbors, enjoy an evening program if you’re in a National Park, and sit and sip by the fire while you look up at the stars. It’s why people RV. It’s why you will want to Glamp with an RV that is set up at your campsite, waiting for you to enjoy.

There are several ways that you can put together a Glamping RV vacation. One is to rent an RV from one of the RV rental companies, like RVshare. You pick the dates and select the type of RV or camper you want and the price that works for you. They’ll have the RV set up at a campsite they or you select. Some RV renting is done through online sites like RVshare — similar to renting a vacation home. Prices for setting up the RV may depend on how far it has to be towed to your specified campsite. You may need to secure the campsite reservation yourself and then tell them when and where to deliver your RV. Others will suggest nearby RV campgrounds where they are willing to deliver and set up. Renting an RV is highly customized to your budget needs, space needs, and desires for amenities.

The entire family can enjoy being in a rental RV. Most RVs are big enough and have partitions to allow separate sleeping areas for the kids while the whole family is inside. Or, if the kids want the full camping experience, pop-up tents are often allowed on the same RV campsite (check ahead for campground rules). Whether you enjoy a two-story fifth-wheel, an iconic Airstream, a family-oriented sportsman RV, or a tiny built-for-two teardrop, your family will have a fun vacation and get outdoors. That’s what RVing is all about!

Pro Tip: Check your rental agreement to know if you can bring your pet. Because of allergies to dog and cat hair, many companies do not allow you to bring them.

Pro Tip: Check the travel cost add-ons. Similar to renting a moving trailer, some agreements have a per-mile charge for taking and returning the trailer for you. Others do it for free within certain distances.

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