The Porsche Soundbar Is Real And Glorious

And they’re also limited edition…

Porsche fans have a bit of a reputation of being a little over-the-top but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. One you experience what it’s like to drive a 911 through a stretch of road or track with plenty of tight turns, you get why the following is so diehard. For those who don’t get it, the limited edition 911 Soundbar Final Edition might seem ridiculous. Don’t worry, we get why this exists and why Porsche will have no problem selling them at $4,250 each.

Learn about Porsche’s new online documentation site here.

If it were practical, you’d probably park your Porsche 911 in your living room so you can enjoy staring at it instead of your idiot box. While some man caves do have such a wonderful feature, the next best thing is to have a soundbar featuring the actual exhaust from a 991 GT3 as the subwoofer.

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The speaker itself is graced by Racing Yellow, making for a strong statement, as if the dual exhaust pipes aren’t enough. This is a wonderful conversation piece anyone, and we mean anyone, who visits your house will comment about. Who knows, it might help you sort friend from foe.

As far as specs, Porsche says this soundbar features high-end 2.1 virtual surround with Dolby Digital decoder and 300-watt system power. Chromecast is built in for multi-room sound, plus it’s supposed to work with “numerous premium streaming services” like Spotify. We doubt any of this will clench the deal for anyone because this is a Porsche exhaust soundbar. Just buy it, you’ll like it, or don’t and you’ll kick yourself later.

A mere 50 of these have been made. Even with the lofty price for a soundbar, we expect these won’t last long at all. Check it out for yourself here.

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