The roll-up dish rack – the unusual kitchen essential you never knew you needed

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I’m sure many of us aren’t a fan of clutter, especially in the kitchen. With pots and pans sprawled everywhere, as well as dirty dishes and food prep, space can get very limited – even if you’ve already considered kitchen storage ideas in the past.

With the cost of living concerns among us, more and more are we witnessing people finding ways to cut costs where they can – and when people realise how much it costs to run a dishwasher, many have turned back to simply airdrying their dishes. However, with that also comes the necessity to ensure you can manage your space accordingly. That’s where this gem of a space-saving hack comes in handy. Allow us to introduce you to the roll-up dish rack.

Roll-up dish rack

Yes, you heard us correctly. A roll-up dish rack is a drying rack that does as you would expect, but can also be easily rolled up and put away into storage when you aren’t using it (ideal for those of you configuring small kitchen storage ideas). Joe Authbert, buying manager at ProCook recommends opting for ‘space-saving solutions that keep busy areas tidy.’

As an added bonus, it can even be used as an extension to your food prep area. You can pop your fruit and veg on it to dry after washing, as well as use it as a cooling rack to place your cookware on while they’re still hot to the touch. From the looks of it, this roll-up dish rack is perfect for maximising space for your kitchen sink ideas.

Made from stainless steel with coated non-slip slides, you can get your hands on a roll-up dish rack in-store and online at B&Q for only £9 – a bargain considering how much space you can save with it. Another variation of the roll-up dish rack is also available on Procook, currently on sale for only £14 compared to its usual £21 price mark. If all else fails, you know the drill – it’s always worth checking Amazon for anything, especially for this space-saving gem, with many great options going for just under £20.

Perfect for cleaning up after a dinner party

With the winter season upon us, many of us might also be hosting dinner parties. So while you’re figuring out how to host the perfect dinner party, it might also be worth your time to find out how to clean up effectively afterwards – and a roll-up dish rack should be on your list of things to have on hand for the job.

‘These roll-up dish racks are great to have tucked away, so when your main drying rack is full to the brim post-dinner party (or an elaborate cooking experiment involving every dish in the house), you can whip one out as an overflow area so you’re not having to physically dry item after item to get the sink clear’, says Thea Babington-Stitt, Assistant Editor at Ideal Home.

Whether you’re trying to go for a more minimalist look that’s clutter-free, or are just running low on space, this affordable space-saving hack is the perfect addition to your budget kitchen ideas. Will you be picking one up?

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