The UK supermarkets that do the best Christmas turkeys and mince pies including M&S, Aldi, Asda and Tesco

Move over pumpkins, because it’s officially festive season. With Christmas less than 2 months away you’re probably already which products are really worth your cash this year.

Luckily, the Christmas Supermarket Awards has announced the winners of its annual honours list. From mince pies and yule logs, to hot canapes and pigs in blankets, expert judges have tried all the festive food across 22 categories to find out which supermarket is packing the best.

Unsurprisingly, M&S is the leading supermarket with six wins. Here at MyLondon we have rounded up all the different supermarkets that have won each category – get your pens ready.

Marks & Spencer

Six wins:

  • Best Vegetarian Main (Rustic Potato, Caramelised Onion and Brie Pie (500g), £8.00)
  • Best Turkey (Collections British Oakham Slow Cooked Turkey Crown with Bacon & Stuffing (2.5kg), £25.00)
  • Best Classic Mince Pie (6 Collection Mince Pies (334g), £3.00)
  • Best Stollen (M&S Collections Stollen Loaf, £7.00)
  • Best Christmas Cake (M&S Collections Jewelled Fruit & Nut Cake (755g), £20.00)
  • Best Hot Canape (10 Mini Steak Sandwiches, £7.00)


Two wins:

  • Best Port (Morrisons the Best Aged Tawny Port (75cl), £12.00)
  • Best Vegan Dessert (Morrisons Vegan Chocolate Dessert (375g), £6.00)


Five wins including:

  • Best Panettone (Taste the Difference Cherry & Almond Panettone (750g), £10)
  • Best Yule Log (Taste The Difference Belgian Chocolate & Clementine Yule Log (700g), £10)
  • Best Christmas Pudding (Taste the Difference Caramelised Biscuit Christmas Pudding (700g), £12)
  • Best Wellington (Taste the Difference British Beef Wellington (1kg), £42)


food, the uk supermarkets that do the best christmas turkeys and mince pies including m&s, aldi, asda and tesco

From mince pies and yule logs, all 22 categories have been expertly covered

  • Best Stuffing (Tesco Finest Pork & Apricot Stuffing Parcels wrapped with a ribbon of Streaky Bacon (284g), £3.50
  • Best Festive Liqueur (Tesco Finest Gingerbread Latte Irish Cream Liqueur £12.60)


  • Best Vegan Main (ASDA Extra Special Vegan Wellington (460g), £5.00


  • Best Pigs in Blankets (Co-op Extra Posh Pigs in Blankets (220G), £3.25)


  • Best Cold Canapes (ALDI Specially Selected Hog Roast Bites with Bramley Apple & Kentish Cider Sauce (340g), £3.90)


  • Best Christmas Ham (Lidl Deluxe Sugar Baked Gammon Joint (1.2kg) £10.99)


  • Best Seafood (Waitrose No. 1 Cherrywood Whole Side of Smoked Salmon (800g), £45)
  • Best Flavoured Mince Pies (Heston Pear & Fig Mince Pies in Triple Cheese Pastry (pack of 6), £6.50)

Other winners include:

Best Smoked Salmon: Booths Triple Smoked Salmon Side (1kg), £45

  • Lidl at Christmas: We previewed the festive food and drinks range and everything was so delicious I don’t care that summer is over

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