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These Are The 10 Most Romantic Places To Renew Your Vows

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Every couple deserves to have the vow renewal ceremony of their dreams, and with a bit of planning, you can. Read on for the 10 most romantic places to commemorate your love all over again.

1. Grand Cayman Island

There is absolutely no shame in going all-out for your vow renewal ceremony. For a love as big and beautiful as yours, why not host an event to match? Planning an exotic island getaway for your vow renewal ceremony serves a double purpose; your public recapitulation will have the perfect romantic backdrop (making it all the more memorable), and you can use the trip as an excuse to get out, explore a new place, and try new activities with the person who has accompanied you on so many other adventures throughout your life.

After all, what better way to celebrate the spirit of your union than getting to know (and fall in love with) your partner all over again? With a week spent snorkeling in the sparkling waters of Grand Cayman Island, it will feel like you’re re-living the joy of both your wedding and your honeymoon in the best way possible.

2. Cong, Ireland

Let’s be honest; after decades of exploring the earth, you have likely already seen your fair share of beautiful beaches and snowy mountains. No matter how consistently wonderful they may be, it never hurts to shake things up and try something new, particularly on an occasion as special as renewing your vows with your spouse.

That is why Cong, Ireland makes the perfect ceremony spot. Even for the most thorough of travelers, vacations like this one are often quite rare. Not only are the misty forests, enchanting lakes, and rolling green hills fit for a fantasy movie; the town is home to Ashford Castle, an ancient medieval structure guaranteed to give your vow renewals the regal setting they deserve. Afterward, you can celebrate with a couples massage, a delicious five-course candlelit dinner, or even (for the more adventurous couple) a lesson in falconry.

activities and interests, alberta, asia, cayman islands, destinations, europe, history and culture, indonesia, ireland, italy, las vegas, maldives, mexico and caribbean, nevada, united states, these are the 10 most romantic places to renew your vows

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3. Alberta, Canada

Perhaps you’re an avid winter sports fanatic, perhaps your honeymoon was in a tropical location and you want to change it up, or perhaps you just like the idea of a cozy cabin on a snowy hillside; whatever the reason, Alberta, Canada could be the perfect vow renewal destination for you.

Those seeking to save a few bucks could opt to rent an Airbnb spot located in one of the many beautiful forested areas, and spend a few nights cuddled up by the fire. On the other hand, couples taking a more active approach could book a stay in one of Alberta’s many famous ski resorts. Either way, the enticing slopes of Banff National Park will be freely accessible, as will the high-end lobster cuisine of the region’s local restaurants. What better way to celebrate your love than by being immersed in the luxury of Canada’s winter wonderland?

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Let’s say your wedding was a huge event that took months (maybe even years) of stress to plan, organize, and set up. For many couples, this is the reality of the lead up to the big day. Who says the same amount of hullabaloo is necessary for a vow renewal ceremony? After all, vow renewals are not legally binding, nor generally are they a marker of a major transition in life; they are simply a celebration of your pure, all-enduring love.

Instead of devoting weeks of resources to re-enacting a ceremony your friends and family were already a part of, why not honor your inner romantic with a spontaneous, private trip to Vegas? Nothing represents true love in its most uncensored form quite like a shotgun wedding in an endearingly-cheesy little chapel. For couples with a particularly strong sense of humor, this may be the perfect opportunity to embrace their magical, mischievous spirit.

5. Your Own Home

Let’s face it, a long-distance ceremony is not for everyone. There can be a lot of mental and physical stress associated with booking a trip, especially one that involves taking all of your closest friends and family along the way. Save yourself the trouble of travel, and keep your planning requirements to a minimum by hosting your vow renewal ceremony at your own home.

Wait for a beautiful day, deck out the backyard, prepare (or purchase, we won’t tell) some delicious treats, and voila! You’ll have a vow renewal ceremony that pays perfect tribute to the life you and your sweetheart have built together. You’ll save money, sanity, time, and (practical matters aside) your event will have the added bonus of being conducted in a place that brings something no other destination could possibly offer: a full encapsulation of everything you have done together since you first said: “I do.”

activities and interests, alberta, asia, cayman islands, destinations, europe, history and culture, indonesia, ireland, italy, las vegas, maldives, mexico and caribbean, nevada, united states, these are the 10 most romantic places to renew your vows

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6. Florence, Italy

Let’s be honest: we could have suggested any one of two or three dozen places in Italy to renew your vows, and they would all be fabulous suggestions. Milan, the coffee capital of Italy; Venice, famed as the most romantic city on earth. Rome itself, a modern metropolis built on the seat of an ancient empire. But Florence shouldn’t be overlooked.

Florence was the epicenter, the birthplace of the Renaissance, which is unsurprising if you’ve ever walked its streets. The whole city feels like it should be in a museum, from the Duomo to the house of Dante Alighieri. If you and your partner love art, history, architecture, and Italian food, you will have the most romantic time renewing your commitment to one another against the backdrop of Florence’s old town.

And if you feel like escaping to a quiet villa in the countryside, you’ll have the whole province of Tuscany, with its gentle hills and timeless farmsteads, to add to your enchantment.

7. The Maldives

Set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is one of the world’s most unspeakably beautiful island nations. (Or, to be more precise, archipelago nations, since it is made up of more than 1,200 constituent islands.) Famous for its thatched bungalows overhanging surreal azure waters, the Maldives is one of the most popular tropical escapes in the world — and for very good reason. The waters are inviting and ideal for diving, and the country is very much geared toward tourism, which is the largest industry.

However, this also means the Maldives is busy year round, and you’re not likely to find much in the way of isolation here. The other complication is distance and expense; if you opt to renew your vows here, it will likely be just you and your partner.

Still, if the Maldives isn’t on your bucket list… clear a spot for it!

8. Bali, Indonesia

In a country with more than 17,000 islands, one stands alone: Bali is the most famous place in Indonesia, and I’m mentioning it now because of how much is has in common with the Maldives. It offers similarly pristine waters, as well as ancient temples, and a forest full of friendly monkeys. Bali is truly an island of mystery, romance, history, and primate solidarity.

Interested in learning more? Read 6 Things Everyone Should Do In Bali. And if you’re seriously planning a trip here, you should also consult The Best Time To Visit Bali.

9. Quebec City, Canada

If you’re looking for a more European city, you’ll have to go all the way to Europe. With its cobblestone streets, historic fort, and imposing Château, Quebec City wears its French colonial history on its sleeves. It is, in fact, the oldest city in Canada, having been incorporated in 1608. Since then, many things have changed, but the city has held onto its history perhaps more than any other in this country.

Make sure to bring your camera, as there are plenty of places to take a picture kissing your spouse. The beautiful Château Frontenac, which is now a Fairmont hotel, is in the Guiness Book of Records as the most photographed hotel in the world. You’ll want to add to that record. There are also cute older parts of town that are begging for a vow-renewal photoshoot.

To get the full scoop on Quebec City’s can’t-miss attractions, check out 7 Unique Things To Do In Quebec City.

10. A National Park

Maybe you don’t want to renew your vows overseas, at some fancy resort, or in your backyard. Well, the good news is that America is your backyard. You can always renew your vows somewhere out in nature: among the California redwoods, or the natural springs of Yellowstone, or on the rim of the Grand Canyon, or in the secluded wilds of Alaska. There are 60 national parks for you to choose from, covering more than 81,000 square miles. Pick a romantic backdrop. a clement time of year, and reaffirm your love before God and the whole world.

Want to learn more about this option? Check out 5 Beautiful National Parks That Are Never Busy.

Wherever you choose to renew your vows, we hope it’s as magical an experience as it was the first time round. Here’s to true love.

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