This $9 TikTok-Viral Hack Creates So Much Space in The Refrigerator, Shoppers Are Buying More—Get It on Sale

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Picture this: You order in a burger and get extra packets of ketchup. The next day, you order in sushi and get extra packets of soy sauce. You put all of these mini condiments in the compartments on the side of your fridge door, but forget about them for months. Before you know it, there are dozens of condiments squished under your bottles of Emily Mariko Kewpie mayo and you now have to toss the packets in the trash because they’ve probably expired.

As we’ve learned from the tidying queen herself, Marie Kondo, everything should be visible when you organize spaces. If this isn’t the case, you’ll never use the items that you can’t see piling up in the back. That’s where Molanly’s Refrigerator Door Organizer comes in handy. Hang the pouch on your fridge door containers to store all of the tiny condiments that typically sit untouched for months on end.

For some inspiration, check out @julianna_claire’s TikTok video that shows her storing granola bars, cheese sticks and small snacks in the door organizer. You could also fill it with leftover condiment packets and small tubes of wasabi. In fact, you could even slip chili peppers and garlic cloves into the organizer. The pouch is made from a breathable mesh material, so you don’t have to worry about anything becoming stale.

Clear up some fridge space and tidy up your side door with Molanly’s Refrigerator Door Organizer. The set comes with two pouches and costs just $14 on Amazon, which is a small price to pay for a Marie Kondo-worthy fridge.

food, amazon, this $9 tiktok-viral hack creates so much space in the refrigerator, shoppers are buying more—get it on sale

Photo: Molanly.

Molanly Refrigerator Door Organizer $13.99 Buy Now

Several Amazon shoppers are loving this organization hack and returning to buy more.

“This is just what I was looking for—a way to store all those little tubes of garlic, ginger, anchovies and tomato paste without having them rumbling around in the precious space of my refrigerator shelves,” wrote one reviewer. “I’m going to purchase another couple sets for my pantry shelving. Perfect for all those little tubes and flavoring packets!”

“It also gives you more space for small things that [don’t] stand up on [their] own well,” wrote another shopper. “I love this product so, so much that I will buy them and give [them] to friends and family as gifts.”

The second shopper is definitely on to something and we wish we were on their gifting list. However, a set of two organizers costs just $14 on Amazon, so it’s super affordable—plus, there’s no installation required.

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