This Cheese Was Crowned The Best In The World Out Of Over 4,000 Entries

food, this cheese was crowned the best in the world out of over 4,000 entries

The winner of the World Cheese Awards was chosen during a competition in Wales this week.

Over in Wales this week, a group of cheesemakers, chefs, and writers did the impossible. As judges for the World Cheese Awards, they decided which cheese, out of thousands of cheeses, is the best in the world.

The competition organizer, The Guild of Fine Food, has revealed that a Le Gruyère AOP surchoix entered by Swiss cheesemaker Vorderfultigen and affineur (or, cheese ager) Gourmino was crowned the winner of the highly competitive contest.

For those unfamiliar, Le Gruyère AOP surchoix is a matured cheese made from raw cow’s milk. It’s full-bodied with a slightly crumbly texture. According to World Cheese Awards judge Christian Zuercher, it has a “really perfect handcrafted cheese, smooth in your mouth and melting on your tongue.”

Judging well over 4,000 cheeses isn’t an easy task. It took the help of 250 experts from 38 different countries and a Super Jury of 16 judges to officiate what has been dubbed the “World Cup of Cheese.”

“This really is the ‘World Cup of Cheese’ and a celebration of excellence in cheese making from around the globe,” said Lesley Griffiths, Rural Affairs Minister of the Welsh Government and Principal Global Partner of the World Cheese Awards. “A huge congratulations to all of the winners and everyone competing this year.”

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