This Giant Gingerbread Cookie Cutter Is Here to Make Holiday Baking a Breeze

It takes a village to create the perfect holiday party—a village of gingerbread men, that is. We found the perfect tool to take your Christmas baking to the next level: a giant gingerbread cookie cutter that creates a whole batch of gingerbread cookies with almost no effort. (We’re not kidding, it makes 24 at once). Here’s why this cookie decorating tool is a holiday essential.

This is what cookie bakers and holiday lovers dream of. The giant rectangular gingerbread cookie cutter features 24 gingerbread men shapes, so you can create copious amounts of Christmas cookies with minimal hassle. It also helps you more effectively use your dough (fewer extra scraps left at the end to try and shape into that last cookie). Bonus: You’ll know exactly how many cookies you have coming out of the oven.

And while we’re partial to using the holiday season as an excuse to eat plenty of gingerbread, the cookie cutter is also perfect for other tasty Christmas cookie recipes. And it’s a great Christmas gift for your favorite baker.

  • Cuts 24 cookies at once
  • Stainless steel
  • Washable by hand
  • Measures 13 inches long by 10 inches wide, which should cover your average batch of cookie dough

Using the giant gingerbread cookie cutter is an exercise in sweet simplicity. Just roll out your dough as you normally would, press the giant cookie cutter down, and voila! 24 gingerbread men, perfectly shaped and ready to bake. We suggest applying a firm, even pressure to the cookie cutter to ensure every arm, head and leg is thoroughly cut. Then, use an offset spatula to gently transfer each man to the baking sheet.

The giant cookie cutter is more efficient, easier and quicker than your traditional cookie cutter. Plus, it’s perfect for hosting a cookie decorating party with friends. Need decorating inspiration? We’re partial to giving them their own holiday sweaters, or transforming them into teddy bears with the magic of a little icing, candy and other gourmet baking ingredients. Feel free to get creative!

food, this giant gingerbread cookie cutter is here to make holiday baking a breeze

Ready to start baking? Buy the giant gingerbread cookie cutter from Anthropologie for $38. While you’re waiting for it to arrive, stock up on frosting and sprinkles, then let the cookie decorating commence!

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