This Hotel Chain Is Teaming Up With Peloton To Put Bikes In All Its U.S. Locations

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Fitness is becoming a focal point at a major hotel chain as Hilton teams up with Peloton in a first-of-its-kind partnership.

Welcome The Pelotons

Hilton and Peloton are teaming up to put a Peloton bike in every Hilton-branded hotel across the United States. That’s 5,400 properties in all across 18 brands. The brands range from the super-exclusive Waldorf Astoria to the more budget-friendly Hampton. Under the new partnership, each Hilton hotel will have at least one Peloton bike in its fitness center. Guests can access their Peloton profiles and take classes from their favorite instructors.

Focus On Fitness

The partnership between Hilton and Peloton comes as travelers are placing more emphasis on fitness when making travel arrangements. Recently, Hilton conducted a survey that found 98 percent of guests look at fitness as a priority when booking hotels and 90 percent of Peloton users would be more likely to stay at a hotel with a Peloton bike.

“At Hilton, we understand the importance of a reliable and friendly stay that infuses wellness through all facets of the guest experience, including spa programs, hotel design, guest room amenities, and food and beverage,” said Matt Schuyler, chief brand officer at Hilton. “This unique and exciting partnership with Peloton — a brand so many of our guests know and love — accelerates an important part of that equation, allowing us to enhance the stay with an innovative approach to fitness.”

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Peloton Perks

Hilton and Peloton are offering incentives to travelers as they roll out the new program. Hilton Honors members who are not Peloton subscribers can now enjoy a free 90-day trial of the Peloton app. This allows guests to explore Peloton while they travel.

“As the connected fitness category creator, we are constantly innovating on ways to meet our Members and prospective Members where they are, and that includes during busy travel seasons,” said Betsy Webb, global vice president of Peloton Commercial. “We recognize the importance for our Members to maintain their wellness routines while on the road. So, we are thrilled to be working with Hilton, allowing us to meet the needs of our current Members, while also enabling potential new Members to experience Peloton for the first time.”

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