This Is What Cabo San Lucas' Nightlife Scene Looks Like

food, this is what cabo san lucas' nightlife scene looks like

This Is What Cabo San Lucas’ Nightlife Scene Looks Like

  • Tips For Enjoying Nightlife In Cabo San Lucas
  • Best Bars In Cabo San Lucas
  • Best Bar Restaurants
  • Best Cabo Nightclubs

Located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo is among the top five tourist destinations in Mexico, known for its gorgeous beaches and spectacular underwater world. Plus, there are so many attractions to keep travelers busy the whole day. When the sun sets, the city comes to life, vibrating with endless fun of its incredible nightlife. Experiencing the after-dark moments in the city’s bars, dance clubs, and live music venues is a must-do. There are restaurant bars as well, where travelers will enjoy both nightlife and Mexican cuisine. This is what Cabo San Lucas’ nightlife scene looks like.

Tips For Enjoying Nightlife In Cabo San Lucas

  • The legal age for drinking is 18.
  • The dressing code in Cabo’s bars and clubs is casual. There are a few clubs that will not allow travelers in flip-flops or shorts to enter. Generally, one can wear anything they want.
  • It is prohibited to drink alcohol in public, but public drinkers may only get in trouble if they cause chaos.
  • Get familiar with the prices of food and drinks.
  • Keep track of what is ordered and clear the tab after every two rounds to avoid mistakenly paying extra charges.
  • Have some cash in Pesos when going out to avoid paying more in a different currency. Exchange rates can be high at times.
  • After night outs, one can only use Uber and Taxis because buses stop operating by 10:00 pm, sometimes earlier. When riding in a cab alone at night, it is advisable to take a picture of the cab number and send it to family members or friends.
  • Cabo San Lucas is always vibrant almost year-round, except in June and October.

Best Bars In Cabo San Lucas

El Squid Roe

Established in 1989, El Squid Roe is one of the most vibrant bars in Cabo. There are three floors with five incredible bars, areas for VIP guests, a clothing store, and a kitchen. Known to host the likes of J Balvin and Lil Yatchy for live shows, this club is definitely worth visiting. Travelers won’t need to worry much about dressing when going out in El Squid, thanks to the casual atmosphere. There is no need to put on some fancy clothes to have a good time here. With lots of drinks to go around and an amazing beach vibe, partying in El Squid Roe offers an unforgettable nightlife experience in Cabo San Lucas.

The Nowhere Bar

Led by the motto, ‘’Nowhere is exactly where you want to be,’’ Nowhere Bar is the best place to experience Cabo San Lucas nightlife on a budget. There are lots of cheap drinks in this club. Located right on the Marina, Nowhere’s atmosphere is very welcoming, and travelers can have amazing cocktails as they dance the night away. The club plays different hits, including those from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

Slims Elbow Room

Here, travelers will take the drinks straight without mixing, as the club does not offer mixers. Nestled in a crowded shopping area in Cabo, Slims Elbow Room offers travelers an incredible way of getting a tequila education. The bar is plastered with signed dollar bills and allows guests to stick their names and write a message on the wall. Tourists will also find photos of other vacationers who’ve been here and are big fans of tequila.

Best Bar Restaurants

Mango Deck

Mango Deck is nestled in front of Medano Beach, an iconic beach destination with some of the best swimmable waters in Mexico. Apart from boasting beach access, Mango Deck has an incredible party scene. The place is recognized for hosting several live music shows and parties that go on throughout the year. Some of the best spring break parties are held in this spot. Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl, and 4th of July are all held in this beachfront restaurant.

Sunset Monalisa

Boasting breathtaking views in a mind-blowing environment, Sunset Monalisa is a gorgeous restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, including mozzarella, handmade pasta, and a variety of fresh seafood. The venue has a magnificent bar as well as a champagne and oyster terrace to make the experience incredible. The food and drinks served in this bar restaurant are top-notch, and food buffs should make it their first stop.

Best Cabo Nightclubs

While Cabo’s nightlife has had many nicknames – spirited, uninhibited, and rowdy, it is definitely praised for being one of the best in Mexico. The core of the city’s nightlife scene is in its downtown, where many nightclubs are located. Here are some of the best nightclubs in Cabo San Lucas:

Pink Kitty

Travelers looking to experience a glamorous Cabo night out should head straight to Pink Kitty, one of the top nightclubs, especially for those into dancing. The nightclub features world-famous DJs playing different hits. The club hosts several special events and theme nights – and has an incredible atmosphere, which changes depending on the time. Got some dance moves to show? Pink Kitty is one of the best places to go dancing.

La Vaquita

La Vaquita is known for being vibrant, offering incredible music and a generally beautiful atmosphere for a fun night out. Featuring white walls and black spots, this club has a big cow placed hanging from the ceiling. La Vaquita doesn’t operate like other clubs. It is the only nightclub where drinks are sold per liter.

Cabo Wabo Cantina

Founded in 1990 by Sammy Hagar of Van Halen fame, Cabo Wabo Cantina is the best place for Rock n’ Roll fans and usually hosts world-recognized rock and country music icons. Ever since it was established, this is one of the places tourists can’t afford to miss because only the best artists are invited to perform. The menu is extensive and has a lot of Mexican favorites.

Cabo San Lucas boasts a wide range of entertainment options, and travelers of any interest will definitely enjoy experiencing the city’s nightlife.

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