This Is When You Should Take Your Christmas Decorations Down

food, this is when you should take your christmas decorations down

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When it comes to decorating for Christmas, there are a few highly debated topics, and perhaps the most common revolves around when is the right time to begin decorating. While some say you can start immediately after Halloween, others argue that you should wait until after Thanksgiving, per Oprah Daily. Another topic of discussion is whether a real tree or an artificial one is better. While some love the fragrance and look of an authentic Christmas tree, others prefer the fake version, as it creates less of a mess. The third highly debated Christmas topic is when should you take your Christmas decorations down.

Just like the other two topics, there are differing opinions on the answer, but, while most families make their own traditions when it comes to Christmas, there are a few standard tips to consider. Below, you’ll discover when is the right time to take down your tree and decorations; you’ll also find hacks on keeping a real Christmas tree alive until the end of the season.

The Answer? Probably Later Than You Think

food, this is when you should take your christmas decorations down

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According to PopSugar, some people decide to take down their decorations the day after Christmas. This day is typically chosen by those who are sick of having to clean up fallen needles or who want to move on from Christmas. Another day some people decide upon is December 31, per SheKnows. Those that are superstitious may choose this date because they believe that entering the New Year with decorations from the past is bad luck.

However, others wait to take down their Christmas tree on January 6 for two reasons. The first is that this date is rooted in religious tradition, as it’s the day that the Wise Men came to bring baby Jesus gifts in the Bible, per The Pioneer Woman. Therefore, some celebrate this day as the end of Epiphany or the end of the 12 days of Christmas and the holiday season. Others may choose this day because it allows them to keep their tree up for longer than the other choices, as most people want a more joyful Christmas spirit and not less.

How To Keep Your Tree Alive In The Meantime

food, this is when you should take your christmas decorations down

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Because January 6 is probably later than you thought, you may be wondering how to keep your tree alive that long, especially because a dry and dying one could become a fire hazard. According to Lowe’s, a real Christmas tree should last about four to five weeks if properly cared for. To remove any dried sap, you’ll first need to cut a 1-inch section off the bottom of the trunk before setting it up in your home.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re watering it enough. If the trunk is 4 inches thick, your tree will need 1 gallon of water a day — if it’s larger, you can add a quart for every extra inch. The bottom 2 inches of the trunk should always be submerged in water. Hicks Nurseries says that if your trunk is dry, a layer of sap can develop within four to six hours. Therefore, if you find that your tree is dry, you’ll need to cut another inch off the trunk before watering it again. Further, make sure to keep it away from bright sunlight or excessive heat.

Additionally, you should always be watching out for signs that your tree needs to be taken down, per Today. For example, if it is shedding excessive amounts of needles, has droopy limbs, smells musty, or isn’t taking in any water, it should be discarded. This will protect you from a potential house fire.

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