This Rant About Cleaning Kitchens Could Not Be More Accurate

food, this rant about cleaning kitchens could not be more accurate

Is it ever just… clean?!

Okay, can well just agree that when we say “I need to clean the house,” we really mean we need to clean our kitchen?! Considering that the kitchen is the area where we stock, prepare and cook our food, it makes sense why we spend a lot of time in arguably most people’s favorite part of the house. However, as a result of this, it seems as though majority of our time spent in the kitchen is mainly dedicated to constantly cleaning it.

And if you ever thought you were alone in this thought, you’re not. TikTok content creator @rubycleansthings (and practically everyone else) shares those same sentiments.


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In the video, she’s mopping to a voiceover that says “Why is three quarter of my life jus cleaning the kitchen?” And those words couldn’t be more true! Any free moment we have, we usually go to the kitchen to make something to eat, but while we’re in there we notice dishes in the sink and think “hey, let me was those really quick before they pile up.” However, it doesn’t end at you simply washing the dishes, you also want to wipe down the counters and after that you may end up sweeping the floor as well. Seriously, kitchen cleaning is never ending and it seems like there’s always something to clean.

We’re happy to see viewers in the comment section agree with this as well. One TikTok user @ilyventi5 wrote the most relatable comment in the section, “Nah because [for real], I keep washing the dishes and [they] are always there.”

We feel seen and heard.

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