This Wireless Charger Keeps My Devices Powered All Day—and Looks Good Doing It

Bye-bye, bedside clutter.

lifestyle, this wireless charger keeps my devices powered all day—and looks good doing it


In my current tiny room, all space is prime real estate. Each item has to do multiple jobs in my bedroom or else it’s banished to my cave of a living room—which is basically the equivalent of a junk drawer for me and my roommates. We’ve each agreed that we’d rather have our rooms pristine and just accept that our common space would be cluttered. Such is the curse of city life.

Since I only have one outlet with four extension cords and surge protectors, the chaos of the wires stresses me out. When I stumbled upon Courant’s CATCH:2 wireless charger, its design-informed functionality seemed like the optimal solution to fight the tangle of cords crammed between my nightstand and my bed.

When Courant sent me the charger to try, I hadn’t yet ventured into the world of the wireless charger. I didn’t fully understand the point. A wireless charger…has a wire attached. It’s just not plugged into your device. So can we truly call it wireless? Still, the appeal of the CATCH:2 for me was the multi-device charging function. It would ease my organizational craving to at least cut down the amount of wires beside my bed, even if they weren’t gone entirely.

lifestyle, this wireless charger keeps my devices powered all day—and looks good doing it


To buy: $90;

The device looks like a flat rectangular strip. I chose the camel shade in their premium Belgian linen, which was slightly warmer in person than on the website, but still attractively neutral. With five coils—electric spots, essentially—the CATCH:2 allows you to place multiple devices across its surface. For me, that meant charging my headphones and my iPhone at the same time. The brand notes that it would also be great for the living room, so you can charge two phones at once in busy, multi-person households and while hosting guests. And it’s non-slip, so it won’t go sliding around on the table, and the cord even matches the fabric covering.

When I first plugged in the pad and set my phone on top, I got nervous and double-checked the compatibility. I recently upgraded from an iPhone 6S to an iPhone 13, a long time coming, and realized in hindsight that the Courant site warned that the iPhone 12 and 13 models had limited compatibility with this charger. Still, I wriggled my phone around on the pad and eventually got a charge. Now, I simply remove my case and lay the phone down, following the length of the wireless pad. Charging can still work with my (MagSafe compatible) case on, but I find it’s more seamless without it. The charger is case-compatible, but only for cases less than 3 millimeters thick.

At $90, the CATCH:2 is pricier than other chargers, but what you’re really paying for is the cleanliness of your nightstand thanks to this streamlined system. I enjoy limiting my cords, and it makes me feel much more relaxed to unwind without a bunch of junk nearby.  It’s worth the investment if you have the same decluttering mentality as me, or it would make a lovely gift during the holiday season—something the recipient might not buy themselves but would love to receive. You can even get it monogrammed for a personalized touch.

I find that the CATCH:2 charger’s a bit slower than the plug-in models I’m used to. Still, I actually prefer the more leisurely pace for overnight charging. I also like it simply as a landing place for my phone and headphones during the workday, so that I’m never hunting around for them (and it’s always nice not to worry about lower battery when I pick it up again).

If you’d like to cut down on nightstand clutter and wake up to freshly-charged devices, the CATCH:2 is a thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing option that’s been a pleasure to use. Shop the wireless charger on the Courant website for $90.

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