Throwback: Omaha Citizens Rush To Clear Snow After 1997 Storm

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This video shows the aftermath of a storm from over 25 years ago.

There are a few types of people in the world, the kind that look out for only themselves and ones that will do everything and give you the shirt off their back. It’s easy to see the former in a lot of today’s society but there are still plenty of examples of good people out there. One such notable example comes from a video from the 1997 Omaha Snow Storm. So what exactly made this particular case such a heartwarming tale?

When we’re kids, a snow day can feel like a gift or a blessing. Class gets canceled, you get to wake up whenever you’d like, and you can have fun in the snow with all of your friends. However, for adults a snow day means a day without work which can also mean a day without pay. So some concerned citizens decided to take up the helm and help fellow neighbors through the chilling experience by digging their vehicles out of the snow.

To be fair, it’s hard to say exactly what is going on in terms of whose cars were being shoveled or the names of those working. With that in mind, they could just be moving snow off their own vehicles but parts of the 38 second video show what appears to be the same guy moving snow from multiple cars on what looks like a road. Perhaps this truly was an act of mutual kindness between neighbors and a representation of how useful good hearts can be during hard times. Either way, that storm had a great impact on the areas affected, taking out power lines, toppling trees, and blocking roads. Luckily some people got their cars unstuck making life a little easier in a time when nobody thought was even possible.

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