TikTok Is Going Crazy For Halloween Char-Spookerie Boards

food, tiktok is going crazy for halloween char-spookerie boards

First there were grazing boards, then butter boards. Now, TikTok is going crazy for Halloween charcuterie boards, which are perfect for Halloween parties.

Just as we bid farewell to the butter board (or so we thought), another viral TikTok trend reared its head: char-spookerie boards. Yup, that’s Halloween themed charcuterie boards filled with cured meats, antipasti and cheese cut into ghostly shapes… if you hadn’t already guessed.

And it seems people are loving it. So much so, that the hashtag #halloweencharcuterieboard has racked up 8.4 million views on the platform – and counting.

We’ll be honest, we’ve already saved a couple of videos as inspo for our Halloween party this year. After all, who wants to be spending time in the kitchen when you could be watching your favourite scary movie complete with a couple of BOO-zy cocktails?

Speaking of classic Halloween films, this Hocus Pocus themed board is hard to beat. @aintooproudtomeg replicates the three Sanderson sisters – Winnie, Sarah, and Mary – using brie, berries, charcuterie and a whole lot of magic.

Then there’s this super gory charcuterie bouquet by @nikkalcaraz, which uses salami, mini mozzarella balls, and olives to mimic eyeballs. We’ll be honest, any other day of the year we’d say roses were a safer bet, but it is spooky season, after all.

As for dessert? Take inspiration from @jensgatheringnest who uses a variety of chocolate treats, doughnuts, and mini marshmallows to create this spooky skull-themed board.

The best bit? You can buy all the ingredients from the supermarket (or use leftover trick or treating sweets) to save time baking your own Halloween dessert. Though we do have a soft spot for this chocolate ganache spiderweb cake, if you fancy a challenge.

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