Titas, Meet Your Latest Must-Have: Insulated Tampipi Baskets!

In the last year, a great many millennials have transformed into full-fledged titas; the OG titas, on the other hand, have even managed to out-tita themselves. We became plantitas; shopped for the ultimate tita essentials (home appliances, essential oils, and scented candles galore) during monthly sales; and even started our own small businesses to cater to the best market of all: Fellow titas, of course. If you fall under any of these categories, then keep reading, because we’ve discovered the latest tita must-have: Insulated tampipi baskets!

Insulated tampipi baskets — a must-have for titas this summer

As we’ve been more and more into loving local, sporting a bayong has never looked more fashionable than it does today. Insulated tampipi baskets are the perfect bags this summer, especially now that things like outdoor dining (picnic, anyone?), ordering food for takeout, and bringing our own baon have become part of our new normal.

explore, travel, titas, meet your latest must-have: insulated tampipi baskets!

Insulated picnic baskets

On the outside, they look like your typical bayong, only they’re available in a series of super-cute colours. When you open them up, you’ll find that they’re lined with thermal fabric to keep their contents hot or cold; this being said, they’re perfect for sending ayuda to loved ones, too!

Where to buy yours

No fancy brand names, just straight to the point — you can check out Insulated Tampipi Baskets on their official Instagram page. They’re also on Shopee, so they’re able to deliver nationwide!

explore, travel, titas, meet your latest must-have: insulated tampipi baskets!

Essential health kit basket

Browse through their pages, and we don’t doubt that you’ll be tempted to purchase a whole bunch. They have various versions of their baskets, and they’re available in several sizes and colours; they even accept your choice of colour combinations!

Choose your insulated basket

explore, travel, titas, meet your latest must-have: insulated tampipi baskets!

Insulated wine bottle baskets

Insulated Tampipi Baskets’ lineup of products features a series of options perfect for varying preferences and occasions, from vibrant coloured picnic baskets to chic insulated wine bags. Check out their list of products below:

  • Insulated tampipi picnic baskets (starts at ₱550)
  • Insulated wine bottle baskets (starts at ₱350)
  • Insulated lunch baskets (starts at ₱400)
  • Water jug/snack basket with cross body straps (₱750)
  • Cross body strap only (₱300)
  • Health essential kit basket (₱350)

For more information, visit Insulated Tampipi Basket’s official Instagram page.

We can already picture ourselves with our baskets — running errands, having a picnic at a park, lounging at the beach… Yup, we’re definitely adding them to our carts. Happy shopping, titas!

All images credited to Insulated Tampipi Baskets.

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