Tondol Beach Itinerary for 2 days

Looking for your next beach destination? Well, check outTondol Beach. This is located in Anda in Pangasinan, an island municipality connected by a bridge to the mainland.

Being surrounded by water, Anda is rich in beaches and islands around the town. In this blog post, I will show you how to enjoy Tondol in two days, just like what we did during our last visit.

explore, travel, tondol beach itinerary for 2 days

How to get to Tondol Beach

Tondol in Anda, Pangasinan can be reached by a 5-hour bus ride from Manila. Five Star has a direct bus trip from Cubao to Anda, but this is an ordinary bus with a quite inconsistent schedule that is mostly night trips.

A better way to go to Anda is by bus via Alaminos. There are many bus companies that have trips to Alaminos and these are aircon buses like Victory Liner, Solid North, Five Star, etc. upon reaching Alaminos, take another bus going to Anda, then take a tricycle going to Tondol.

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Tondol Itinerary: Day 1

Once we arrived at Tondol Beach, we immediately checked-in at the resort. We stayed at 828 Gems Beach Resort. It was nice with good beachfront and amenities. Our room was comfortable, and we had a good rest there.

You can stay at the beach all the time but since you are already in Tondol, you have to maximize the experience by visiting the nearby islands. We walked on the beach for a while and then we decided to go for the island-hopping, and just spend more time at the beach the next day.

Island-hopping in Anda

We started the island hopping at about 10 AM, after exploring the beach for a while. The first island that we visited was Panacalan Island, an islet off the coast of Anda which is about 30 minutes of boat ride from Tondol, which is an islet known for its sandbar.

We spent our entire morning at Panacalan Island exploring its sandbar, swimming and taking a lot of photos. Please bring enough water during this island hopping, and if you plan to stay a little longer and eat, bring your own food. Panacalan is just an islet, and there’s no store nor any establishment there. Don’t be like us, that we didn’t bring enough water that we were so damn thirsty at the end of the tour.

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explore, travel, tondol beach itinerary for 2 days
explore, travel, tondol beach itinerary for 2 days

After spending most of the time in Panacalan, we then visited Cory Island. Oh my, I know that Cory Island is part of the itinerary but there is nothing special on this island except that it is made of dead corals. Yes, dead corals. How exciting, right? LOL!

We stayed there for a few minutes only since the island is not that exciting at all. It even felt creepy with all those dark spots around the island and those dead corals. This is not actually pleasing to the eyes or any other senses, so don’t expect anything awesome here. But in the end, at least it was a different kind of experience.

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explore, travel, tondol beach itinerary for 2 days

Another island that you can explore at Tondol beach is Tanduyong island, a nearby islet that during low tide you can actually walk your way to this island.

When we were back in Tondol, we just stayed at the resort until it was time to sleep.

Tondol Beach Itinerary: Day 2

On our second day, this is the time to relax. Since we were done with the island hopping and we did have a great time there, it was time to just let enjoy.

We started our day with our morning coffee and breakfast. Then, it was time to explore the entire shore of Tondol, I mean not the beach yet but the surrounding place and the main road from the beach.

At the end of the road is the “I love Tondol” sign which is a great photo op. Then, on the side, there is a nice beach there mostly surrounded by trees and coconuts. Another good spot for photos and enjoy the sunrise.

explore, travel, tondol beach itinerary for 2 days
explore, travel, tondol beach itinerary for 2 days

The Sandbar

Of course, the best way to enjoy Tondol is by experiencing its sandbar. Usually in the morning, when it is low tide, Tondol is at its best, especially when the sun is up.

Here are some of our photos at the beach and sandbar. It was clear that we had a great time.

explore, travel, tondol beach itinerary for 2 days
explore, travel, tondol beach itinerary for 2 days

We spent our entire morning at the beach, then went back to the room like 30 minutes before lunchtime.

We checked out and traveled our way back to Manila. First, by taking the tricycle from Tondol to the Anda, downtown area. Then, we took a bus going to Alaminos. We decided to travel back via Alaminos since we still had to buy some pasalubong in Alaminos, and most of all, we wanted to travel by aircon bus. It is inconvenient to go for the direct bus from Anda to Manila because it is an ordinary bus. Plus, the schedule of the bus is not fixed.

There you have it. This is just a quick round-up of our travel to Tondol beach over 1N2D. I hope that this tip would help you with your travel plans.

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