Top 10 Resorts in Guimaras (awesome island getaway)

Sandwiched between the provinces of Iloilo and Negros Oriental from two separate islands, Guimaras sits happily along the Panay Gulf as an island province. Often described as low-key but the province has a lot of potential for growth.

Just a few decades ago, Guimaras was the talk of the town when it comes to tourism, said to be the next big thing—in as much as Bohol, Boracay, and Cebu were but which are now significantly far more popular and developed.

Although this province had chosen to keep itself from becoming too engrossed in advancement, secretly this is what makes Guimaras special. By maintaining its rural nature, the province retains the peculiarities that make the countryside particularly appealing, especially as a place of retreat from the hustle and the bustle in the city.

Instead of towering buildings that often line up and sprawl across in the urban setting, the province inhabits verdant foliage scattered in places in addition to the people and their simplistic lifestyle, thriving as a single harmonious ecology.

But the province is actually more civilized than it sounds. While much of Guimaras is a scenery that seems reflective of the old, this landmass as a whole is not necessarily averse to modern changes. Along the way, subsequent modifications in the region had taken place whose aim was at improving the lives of its people.

There are buildings of many kinds that suit various purposes, including houses for locals, some of which are too old to suggest the idea of modernity having taken place on the island earlier than some might assume. In addition, there are also paved roads that, while branching, are in the end interconnected, making a closed loop as especially seen in an aerial view.

Yet, Guimaras is also a substantially thriving place for commerce in tourism as seen with the presence of resorts of all kinds, each of which is eagerly set in place to cater to discerning visitors.

1. Andana Resort Guimaras

There might be a prevailing theme of simplicity across many established hotels and resorts in Guimaras which might invoke the thought of not having many options in terms of accommodation. The ones mentioned in this alone may be a testament to that reality, albeit not necessarily surprising given the rural setting of Guimaras.

But not with Andana Resort Guimaras, the one and only first-class of its kind on the island.

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Situated at the top of the mountain, the Andana Resort Guimaras is set at a perfect location that provides a complete 360-degree view of the surrounding vistas, this resort is true to the meaning of “strategically placed”.

However, for an establishment that embodies the traits of being “first-class,” the Andana Resort Guimaras is also an artisanal beauty, thanks to its exquisite architectural design that is clearly visible both outside and inside.

In terms of color, you need not have to be a critique to actually appreciate how the building’s color is painted to blend seamlessly with its environment during sunshine. The emblazon on the roof is, at best, in similar paint as the water in the pool and the sky during their most vivid, while the coloration of white gives contrast to everything else about the building.

At the expense of a higher cost than most on the island, what you get is high-quality accommodation that gets you your money’s worth. Truly, you get the quality you pay for. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


2. Playa de Paraiso Resort

From the outset, the Playa de Paraiso Resort may not seem like the typical building of its kind that you would see in the city. More than anything, it is like a mansion that subsequently became a hotel. But for a still-developing island-like Guimaras, a structure such as this is actually a good thing as it is quite uncommon in many places.

explore, travel, top 10 resorts in guimaras (awesome island getaway)

For the most part, it is indeed just that—the entire building does not feel like one built with being a hotel in mind from scratch.  Playa de Paraiso Resort sits comfortably at the beachfront in San Lorenzo, Guimaras. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

3. Nature’s Eye Beach Resort

There are not many establishments quite as artistically designed which make use of simple and natural materials like the bungalow and building at the Nature’s Eye Beach Resort.

explore, travel, top 10 resorts in guimaras (awesome island getaway)

When other resorts in the area share a common theme for being “oversimplified” that they would inevitably hint at a sense of being “cheap,” this sense of criticism suddenly becomes absent when exposed to the level of craftsmanship showcased in this resort.

The architecture presented in the Nature’s Eye Beach Resort does not necessarily re-invent the wheel of the simple construction of buildings. But while indeed “simple” in theme, it does not fall short of being aesthetically pleasing—you would be surprised at how clean and simplistic creativity could go a long way. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


4. Raymen Beach Resort

Strategically-placed at Guimaras’ most beautiful beach destination—Alibuhod Beach—the Raymen Beach Resort is regarded as the primary go-to resort accommodation, especially during peak season. Yet, come off-peak season, this makes for a perfect time to feel the solitude of the entire building, save from the significant people who are at the forefront of the business.

explore, travel, top 10 resorts in guimaras (awesome island getaway)

But do not for a second think that Raymen Beach Resort as something luxurious—to the contrary, it is more on the “budget” side whose common customers are average family types on a budget.

Sitting alongside this establishment are two similarly-functioning enterprises, namely Alobijod Cove Resort and California Coral Beach Resort. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE


5. Costa Aguada Island Resort

A lot can be said due to the varying display in Costa Aguada Island Resort. But if there is a major identifying feature that sticks to memory easily the most, it has got to be with its designer’s love for bamboo and other wooden materials.

Although that may not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, it is a notable visual experience indeed that will probably make the place memorable, for good or bad.

explore, travel, top 10 resorts in guimaras (awesome island getaway)

Ambience-wise, no other place possibly compares to this resort for being chill—even idyllic—which makes it an ideal destination for lying low. But what good is an island destination if not for this, right?

Perhaps, this is what the Costa Aguada Island Resort does indeed to uphold—by maintaining a peaceful environment for its customers, it highlights one of the major perks of being an islander. For some people, this is ideal enough as a vacation paradise. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

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6. Jannah Glycel Beach House

There are plenty of things that make Jannah Glycel Beach House an appealing pull for tourists who are seeking temporary accommodation in Guimaras. At only 30 km from the city’s airport which is tantamount to at least an hour of travel, this chic hotel is at just the right place for its intended business.

explore, travel, top 10 resorts in guimaras (awesome island getaway)

But “chic,” while may vary in definition, is not something loosely used here. This hotel is really stylish and elegant from the outside-in, but which might differ significantly depending on the room.

Yet, even its least ornate closed-space does not fall short of one important aspect about rented rooms in general—comfort. The Jannah Glycel Beach House is poised on capitalizing on the experience for the delight of its one-time and potentially returning customers. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

7. Kenyama Beach Resort

By the name alone, one can easily get a hint of who runs this resort. If your initial thought is that it is a Japanese, then you are actually correct. However, despite this reality, there is nothing close to Japanese to this resort—if anything, it is only Japanese-sounding by name, but lack the actual substance signifying such.

explore, travel, top 10 resorts in guimaras (awesome island getaway)

For the majority part, it does not strive to depict itself as Japanese. If anything, its design is that which adheres to “universal standards,” but one which might appear outdated to certain tastes.

In spite of its flaws, the Kenyama Beach Resort retains some popularity, primarily for its strategic location to some nearby tourist destinations within Guimaras. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

8. Czech Beach House

Owned and operated by a couple— or a family? —from the Czech Republic, the Czech Beach House is a little shy of under 3 years of being in service since having established back in November 21, 2016. Not only did this establishment served local tourists who find temporary respite in the island-province from elsewhere since, it also catered for other nationalities as well, including the business owners’ fellow Czechs.

Despite the label and bona fide ownership from European entrepreneurs, the Czech Beach House did not intend to appear exotic. More than anything, it feels common in terms of architectural design, simple even in some cases, particularly the interiors. But the building itself has its own quirks in terms of pattern, yet nothing particularly outstanding.

explore, travel, top 10 resorts in guimaras (awesome island getaway)

All in all, the Czech Beach House is an assortment of the simple and the elegant. Although some parts of its presentation are only okay at best, there are also those sections which overturn the notion for the better.

Like other establishments of the same kind across Guimaras, the owners of this hotel know that the real value of the tourist visit lies in experiencing the island itself. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

9. Valle Verde Mountain Resort

The Valle Verde Mountain Resort may not offer much apart from the basic for its low-profile service. Yet, for those who are seeking a type of accommodation that is as close as possible to native’s, staying at the Valle Verde Mountain Resort is a likely option for its simple display.

explore, travel, top 10 resorts in guimaras (awesome island getaway)

Not everything about this resort is utter plainness, however. In its capability to make certain upgrades, it laid out amenities which certain types of clients might enjoy, such as an exclusive swimming pool and various sheds erected across different spaces, each of which offering unique view of the place.

But what makes this establishment remain one of some people’s significant highlights in any Guimaras excursion is in its close proximity to locations which are regarded as the island’s typical tourist hotspot.

Oh, did I mention that the Valle Verde Mountain Resort lies at the slopes of Barangay Ravina in Sibunag? This idea alone should give you a picture of what to expect in this establishment, especially as far as the ambience and the backdrop go. There are lots of plants and trees in this area whose nature-centric design adds certain value to its appeal. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

10. Sun Sea Resort

The Sun Sea Resort is yet another addition to the list of good resort currently available in Guimaras—the overall schematics of the establishment’s architecture is simple enough, but quaint. 

explore, travel, top 10 resorts in guimaras (awesome island getaway)

In fact, if there is anything common to them all, it has got to be the space of each room—individually, they are quite spacious, considering the type of business.

And, then, there is also the other important aspect to it as well—which is the quality of experience. Needless to say, the level of service in Sun Sea Resort is as good as anywhere else in Guimaras. Meaning, the people in the business, including the owners, adhere to principles of good quality service which is the norm in the place. As such, the people you would encounter in this resort are some of the nicest in the island. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE