Top 15 Beaches in Batangas (Near Manila)

Home to famous century-old churches, old Spanish houses, rich flora and fauna, and the famed Vulcan Point of Taal Volcano  – Batangas has everything to offer.

The Batangueños might have that quaint “ala eh” accent spoken with a bold and fierce attitude, but they are one of the most hospitable and welcoming people across the country. They are known to be regionalistic, God-fearing, and festive. They celebrate the famous ‘Parada ng Lechon’ in Balayan and Sublian Festival in Batangas City, a week-long celebration of the city charter.

Located approximately 110 kilometers or just a 2 to 3-hour drive away from Metro Manila, Batangas is one of the most popular destinations for weekend getaways. Surrounded by the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Quezon, and Mindoro, it offers a wide array of natural wonders like mountains, lush greeneries, and several beaches.

The summer season might be over, but with beaches like the ones Batangas has to offer, it’s never an off-season to go on an adventure. Below are some of the best beaches in Batangas that you might want to add to your bucket list.

1. Laiya, San Juan

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Image by La Luz Beach Resort   via Agoda

Dubbed as the tropical paradise within reach, Laiya is another popular destination located in the coastal town of San Juan. Its proximity to Metro Manila makes it one of the most popular destinations for urban residents in the Philippines. Laiya is much well-developed compared to other destinations on this list. The long stretch of cream sand beach is lined with both budget-friendly lodges and inns and high-end resorts.

The crystal clear seawater makes it more appealing to go swimming, jet-skiing, banana boat riding, diving, and many other water activities offered by resorts. Visitors can also take a side trip to hike Mt. Daguldol and scale the rock formations or bike around the area.

A jeepney ride from Lipa City to San Juan and another jeepney or tricycle ride in San Juan Public Market bound to Laiya is all it takes to enjoy this hidden tropical paradise.

Get a glimpse of the beauty of Laiya in San Juan Batangas from this video of Biyahe ni Drew.


 2. Tali Beach 

Located in the coastal town of Nasugbu, Tali Beach is one of the many exclusive and private beaches around Batangas. This secluded property has five beaches to offer, each offering a unique but similarly spectacular scenery. The place is well maintained, and visitors can enjoy an exclusive getaway away from the large crowds of tourists like on other beaches.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

However, this comes with a price, a night in one of Tali Beach’s rent houses will set you back to around Php15,000. But fret not, some travel companies are offering weekend group tours at the property for almost a tenth of the 15k.

The place is perfect for family picnics or group retreats since you can take advantage of privacy. Other activities you can enjoy include snorkeling, cliff diving, and many more.

If you want to have a glimpse of what it feels like to be at Tali Beach, here’s a video by Richard Caluag.

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3. Calatagan, Batangas

Calatagan is well-known for its Calatagan Mangrove Forest Conservation Park and its hundreds of years old Cape Santiago Lighthouse, which are absolutely tourist magnets. Located in the western part of Batangas, Calatagan prides itself on having one of the longest shorelines in the whole province. And given its location, it is also among those few beaches that offer the best sunset view.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit: Sunrise Cove via Agoda

Two of the most famous beach in Calatagan are Ivory Beach and Nano Beach which both boasts their long stretches of fine-sand shores. The area is lined with resorts that could cater to tourists regardless of their budget or preference.

Visitors can take the bus bound to Calatagan from parts of Manila (Lawton, Cubao, Alabang, and Pasay) directly and take a tricycle ride to their chosen resort.

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explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit: Klook

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4. Masasa Beach, Tingloy, Batangas

Masasa Beach located in Tingloy just off the coasts of Anilao, Batangas is one of the few untouched tropical paradise in the country. There are no hotels or resorts in the area, but you can always rely on the local people to rent a room for a night or two if you decided to stay. Camping is no longer allowed in the area during nighttime out of environmental concerns. However, there are still tons of things you could do on the island like island hopping, boat riding, or just bathing under the sun.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Masasa Beach can be reached by taking a boat off to Anilao Port from Batangas Port and then another boat ride going to Tingloy Port.

Check out the beauty of Masasa in this episode of GMA News TV’s Biyahe ni Drew.


5. Anilao Beach, Mabini

Located in the coastal village of Mabini, Batangas, Anilao is one of the most well-known beach destinations in the province. It is also one of the most famous diving destinations and offers breathtaking scenery of islands, coves, and seashores. It might not possess that white-sand beach that others have, but it prides itself when it comes to underwater attractions.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Image by  Sea Spring Resort  via Agoda

Visitors can enjoy several activities from snorkeling, diving, beach hopping, picnicking, and of course, sunbathing. The area offers accommodation that caters to budget-conscious travelers as well as those who want to splurge for their vacation.

Aside from fun water-related activities, visitors can also enjoy a hike to Mt. Gulugod Baboy, also located in Anilao. Anilao can be reached via jeepney from Batangas City and get off at Anilao Port, and from there, you can take a tricycle to reach the resorts.

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6. Isla Verde, Batangas City

Isla Verde or Verde Island may not be as famous as other destinations on this list, but this hidden paradise is worthy of all the praises and recognition. It is located along the boundary of Luzon Island and the province of Mindoro, popularly known as the Verde Island Passage. The 1.14 million hectares passage boasts one of the richest marine biodiversity in the world, thus earning its title “Center of the Center of Marine Shorefish Biodiversity” and as the “Center of the Center of the Marine Biodiversity of the World.”

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit: Sabbyadventures.blogspot.com

This being said, and the clean, clear water makes Verde Island one of the best diving spots in the country, if not in the world. Visitors can also enjoy other activities such as snorkeling, swimming, boat riding, or just stroll in the kilometer-long Mahabang Buhangin white-sand beach and enjoy the unimpeded sunset view. You can also try to explore the Cueva Sitio cave that leads to the other side of the island.

The Island can be reached via 1 hour and 30-minute boat ride or a 25-minute ferry ride from Batangas Port.

7. Fortune Island

With its abandoned Greek column and statues, Fortune Island will surely make you feel like you are out of the country. The ruins are the remnants of what seems like an old beach resort or private beach house. The turquoise blue water and the fine cream-colored sand of the beach adds a countryside aura to the whole place.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit: JunVillegas.blogspot.com

The exclusivity of the island is perfect for camping and group escapades. It is also an ideal spot for snorkeling, swimming, and star-gazing at night since it is far away from the light pollution of neighboring towns and cities. Located in the town of Nasugbu, it can be reached within 40minutes to a 1hour boat ride from the fishing barangay of Wawa.

8. Manuel Uy Beach

Named after its former owner, Manuel Uy Beach is said to be owned by a wealthy Filipino businessman living in the US. It is located in the western part of the town of Calatagan, facing the Isla Verde Passage and giving a spectacular sunset in the afternoon. It is one of those not-so-famous beaches that are not so crowded, especially during the weekdays.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit: Alainemontemayor.blogspot.com

There are no cottages available for rent on the beachfront, but there are tables available for rent. The beach is more geared towards activities like camping or picnics rather than what usual resorts offer. There is a lifeguard stationed at the drop-off area, and staff is assigned in various places throughout the beach whom you can approach and ask if you need anything.

Manuel Uy Beach is just a 20-minute tricycle ride away from the town proper of Calatagan, and tricycles are available at the town market for those who don’t have a private vehicle.

9. Nasugbu, Batangas

Declared as a Special Tourism Zone by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2007, Nasugbu does meet high expectations. Nasugbu offers the best of both worlds with mountains meeting white sand beaches. What makes Nasugbu stand out is its magnificent beach coves, which are well-loved by tourists.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Image by Pico Sands Hotel via Agoda

With their scenic landscape and white sand shores, it’s no surprise that several resorts are sprouting out of the town. Canyon Cove and Layag-Layag beach are the most popular spot in Nasugbu where tourists can go snorkeling, camping, island hopping, diving, or swimming. Its proximity to Mt. Pico de Loro and Mt. Batulao also gives visitors the chance to go for a trek.

Layag-Layag is the perfect place for those who want to embrace island living and escape the modern world for a while. The beach is located on an island in Brgy. Papaya can be reached by boat. There is no electricity, no cottages or resorts, or even just stores, so you would need to bring all your needs, but just make sure not to leave anything behind, especially garbage.

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10. Sombrero Island

Located off the coast of Tingloy, this tiny island got its name from its unique hat-like shape. Sombrero Island offers that private island feels with few to no tourists roaming around. The island has a stark contrast of white sand beach on the other and rocky shore on the other.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit: Sansapinas.blogspot.com

It is one of the best places to go when island hopping, the water is also crystal clear, making it a great snorkeling spot. The island can be reached via boat from the Mabini port.

11. Matabungkay Beach, Lian

Located in the fishing town of Lian, this famous beach is not new to the public’s perception. Matabungkay Beach has been famous ever since its discovery by Germans who once visited the place in the 1950s. This popularity led to the establishment of numerous resorts in the area from high-end ones down to little cottages.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

The light gray sands of the shores and the calm waves of the sea make the place ideal for kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, diving, and other fun water activities. A floating raft or balsa festival is being held every May 18 of the year.

Visitors can ride on buses or vans directly going to the town of Lian or ride on those bound for Calatagan as it passes by the town.

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12. Malabrigo Point, Lobo, Batangas

Perhaps the most unusual beach on this list, Malabrigo, offers not only a white sand beach and azure waters but also a rocky shoreline covered in dark and smooth pebbles creating a nice contrast with the sand. Visitors can also enjoy the nearby Submarine Garden, a fish sanctuary teeming with different species of marine life and live corals. The Spanish-era Punta de Malabrigo lighthouse is also a great place to visit in the area.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit:  Thebackpackersadventures.blogspot.com

This historical but unheard place is ready to offer solitude to anyone who wants to take a break from the stress of daily life. Who would have thought that a rocky beach could also be a paradise? The town of Lobo can be reached by riding a Batangas City-Balagtas jeep and getting off at the Lobo Town terminal wherein another jeepney ride would take you to the town proper.

13. Bauan, Batangas

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit: ilovegoingplaces.blogspot.com

According to the townsmen, the name of Bauan came from the word “Bauang,” which means hidden or concealed, rocky mountains. This hidden paradise, which was once a barrio of Taal, Batangas, is staying true to its name. The town is home to blue-water beaches and a beachfront just below mountain cliffs.

One of the more popular destinations in town is the Sampaguita Beach and Binukbok Viewpoint resort. Resorts in the area offer nipa huts and Casas for visitors who want to stay overnight. Most of them also offer diving lessons so everyone can marvel at the sight of the vibrant underwater ecosystem in the area.

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14. Sepoc Beach, Tingloy

Sepoc Beach is one of the private properties owned by Eagle Point Beach Resort. Located on the northwestern coast of the town of Tingloy, this white-sand beach is one of the less crowded beaches in the locality. It is usually part of the island hopping tours that go from Anilao to Masasa Beach. However, resort amenities like restrooms and the hilltop viewpoint are for resort guests only.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Photo Credit: Eagle Point Beach Resort

The name of the island comes from the Sepoc trees abundant in the island. The trees serve as shades and add a little color to the beach and give a nice contrast with the white sand. Activities like camping, swimming, diving, and beach hopping are just some of the activities guests can enjoy.

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15. Bituin Cove, Nasugbu

The last but certainly not the least in this list is Bituin Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas. This new summer destination is gaining popularity lately as a budget-friendly getaway paradise. The place is locally known as the Angara Cove, as it is said to be owned by Senator Edgardo Angara.

explore, travel, top 15 beaches in batangas (near manila)

Image by LaconicKid via Reddit

Bituin Cove does not offer a kilometer of a mile-long strip of beach, unlike other beaches on this list, but the short strip of beach is famous for campers. The entrance fee is very affordable at only Php25, the camping fee at Php100 and a boat going to the area from the nearby Calayo Beach is only Php1,500 (12pax).

Visitors can enjoy trekking, snorkeling, diving, and island hopping aside from camping. There are no resorts nor rent houses in Bituin Cove, so if you want to stay overnight, make sure to bring your tent or rent one for Php 300.