Top 15 Hotels in Bacolod

Bacolod, also referred to by many as the “City of Smiles”, is a wonderful city in the Negros Occidental Province of Western Visayas.  It is rather far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, but a perfect visit for those who want to get a taste of lively Philippine hospitality as well as authentic and delicious local eats.

Aside from their cuisine like the chicken inasal which is much beloved by Filipinos from all over the country, Bacolod is also a host to various remarkable cultural festivals, one of the most prominent being their lively Masskara Festival, or Festival of Masks—one of the most famous festivals not only in the Philippines, but also the world. The city is also filled with historical hotspots, ranging from museums, old towns, to churches like the iconic 19th century San Sebastián Cathedral located right at the heart of Bacolod City. All of these fantastic sights and educational locations are sure to give all visitors insight on the interesting past the small but great city holds.

All of these make one eager to just book a plane ticket and go—which is definitely a great idea, since Bacolod is just that enticing. But, of course, something that will make the sightseeing in the city of Bacolod all the more memorable is to plan your trip out properly, particularly with matters concerning accommodation. After all, the experience of coming back to a clean, comfortable hotel room at the end of each tiring and adventurous day is a luxury unlike any other. Given that, here’s a list of some of the best accommodation in the city to make your stay the best it can possibly be.

Seda Capitol Central

If you want a modern, yet still familiar hotel to stay at during your trip, then the Seda Capitol Central is the place for you. With its classy and high-end amenities, fine dining restaurant, and terrific rooms, Seda is definitely worthy of it’s high rating and brand name as one of the best hotel chains in the Philippines. Not to mention, it’s also in a convenient location close to the transportation hubs as well as the airport.

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Their bedrooms are roomy and filled with absolutely everything you can need, from a stable wifi connection, complete toiletries, a work desk, wide screen television, and comfortable beds. They offer a spacious swimming pool where you can freely do laps as well as an indoor and outdoor bar, just relax and unwind with your friends and family. Of course, Seda doesn’t skimp on their food. Their in-house restaurant, Misto, serves a delicious international breakfast buffet full of local favorites so you can rear up and get ready to go for a long day of sightseeing. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address:  Lacson Street cor. North Capitol Road, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100 Philippines

Avenue Suites Mansion

The Avenue Suites Mansion is a cozy home in Bacolod which is large enough to host large families or even reunions and work excursions! Aside from the swimming pool in the front yard, guests will love the in-house casino, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, nightclub, salon, and even wifi access.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

There’s much to do in Avenue Suites beside lounge in their big, comfortable beds—go for a night of fun at their poolside bar or swim a couple of laps at their pool. Whatever you choose to do, this remains a great accommodation both for a staycation or as a starting point for seeing the city. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: 12th Street Lacson Street, Bacolod City 6100

East View Hotel

The East View Hotel is a great accommodation for those who wish to stay near the heart of the city, with easy access to the urban scene, malls, and nightlife of Bacolod City—it is also a mere 15 minute drive away from the airport. Their rooms are spacious and comfortable, not to mention beautiful, with their modern and contemporary aesthetics which certainly speak about the high end quality of the hotel.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

Your booking also comes with a complimentary breakfast buffet where you can feast on local Filipino favorites before a day out. Aside from their breakfast buffet, they also have an in-house restaurant called the Blue Grass where you can have coffee, drinks, spirits, as well as some local grilled eats. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Carlos Hilado Circumferential Road corner Esperanza, Diola St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

L’Fisher Hotel

The L’Fisher Hotel is another accommodation close to the city center, particularly the SM City Bacolod shopping mall. The rooms are comfortable and cleanly designed, with complete necessities like cabinets, drawers, bedside and work tables, and toiletries.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

The hotel also features a gym with complete workout gear, a swimming pool overlooking the stunning city skyline, a spa, as well as an in-house restaurant which serves both local and international cuisine—known for their amazing coffee and sugarcane juice! If you want a paradise nestled in the bustling city lights of Bacolod, then the L’Fisher Hotel will be a booking you won’t regret. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: 14 Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

Palmas del Mar Conference Resort Hotel

True to its name, Palmas del Mar is the perfect venue not only for individual or family travelers but also those traveling with a large group of people—be it for a family reunion or a work team-building retreat. The rooms are minimalistic yet very comfortable, and there are a total of 9 different room types to choose from depending on your preference.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

They have an on-side restaurant, gym, three different swimming pools, table tennis area, billiards area, and a function hall in case you want to host an event. All in all, Palmas del Mar is a great getaway destination, especially if you’re in a big group. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: J.R. Torres Avenue, Bacolod City 6100
Negros Occidental, Philippines

Bantug Lake Ranch

If you book at the Bantug Lake Ranch, you’ll be tempted not to leave the premises as they have everything you need, a wide array of various entertainment and activities at a mere arm’s reach. It’s a vast land that used to be a plantation, perfect for those who love being surrounded by nature and greenery. You can go horseback riding, horse feeding, fishing, boating, and swimming.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

There is also a restaurant where you can dine on local cuisine, or you can bring along your own food and have a nice picnic on the wide grassy grounds. Pets are also allowed, so feel free to bring along your furry friend on a fun adventure. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Granada Alangilan Road, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

O Hotel

O Hotel is a short cab or taxi ride away from the Bacolod City Center, including major locations such as the SM City Bacolod Mall as well as the Manokan Country. The hotel itself is refined and simple, with a big comfortable bed, LED TV, free internet connection, and complete bathroom amenities.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

One of the best parts about booking at O Hotel is their complimentary breakfast buffet, filled to the brim with beloved Filipino breakfast staples. Best of all, you can get a room at the O Hotel at a price which gives guests a very good value for their money. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: 52 San Sebastian St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

Luxur Place

The Luxur Place is somewhere where you can feel at home in an instant. Their rooms are designed in a very homely manner, with woody and muted furniture, comfortable beds and lots of space for storage with their tables and cabinets. The hotel is located in a very accessible place, close to nearby malls and shopping centers.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

They have a big swimming pool great for doing laps as well as an in-house restaurant, snack bar, and massage services. It’s a great place to book for working travellers as well, as the Luxur Place offers an internet connection free of charge for their guests. As a hotel which offers fantastic amenities at a bang for buck price, it’s definitely one with booking. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Magsaysay Ave, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

The Bell Hotel

The Bell Hotel has pretty much everything you need for a comfortable, safe, and fun starting point for your adventure in the beautiful Bacolod city. It is a three-star hotel which has lively colored rooms complete with tables, couches, and cabinets to lounge around in an store everything you need.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

Aside from their cozy rooms that will make you feel right at home, their amenities and facilities are plentiful as well, from their onsite restaurant, the Hot Juicy Seafood and Rib, which serves up delicious, grilled local and international meals—to their bar and relaxing spa treatments. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: 18 San Juan Street, Barangay 13, Bacolod

MO2 Westown Hotel Mandalagan

The Westown Hotel is another great kick-off point for a good time in Bacolod, only around 30 minutes away from the nearest airport and a short walk from, major landmarks like the Robinsons Mall and Carmelite Monastery.

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Aside from their fully furnished rooms complete with an internet connection, flat screen television, bathroom, minibar, and seating area, the hotel also features two in-house restaurants as well as message services for the most relaxing stay possible. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines 6100

Buenas J Inn

If you want a wallet-friendly but cozy and accommodating hotel, then the Buenas J Inn is a good option. It’s located right in the heart of the city, close to many urban spots and tourist destinations.

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Despite being a budget hotel, they boast many luxury amenities such as a free wifi connection in all of their guest rooms, spa, massage service, garden, as well as an in-house bar and coffee shop. Not to mention, their friendly customer service makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into a 5-star hotel. They have 6 different kinds of rooms to choose from, making it a great choice for both single, and family or group travelers. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Burgos Ave, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

Avenue Suites

Avenue Suites is perfect for both business and leisure travelers who want to see the city while staying close to their familiar urban abodes as the hotel is close to the city center, easily accessible to many popular tourist locations.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

Their rooms are modern and designed with comfort in mind, complete and luxurious amenities like a plasma screen TV, wifi connection, air conditioning as well as facilities like a sauna, swimming pool, spa, massage, restaurant, coffee shop, and steam room, Avenue Suites has everything you could ever need for the perfect vacation—or staycation! CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

If you’re looking for resorts or beach resorts near Bacolod, here are some of our recommended resorts for you!

Nature’s Village Resort

The Nature’s Village Resort isn’t nestled inside the city of Bacolod—its in Talisay City. Even so, it is still very accessible to the province’s capital city and all of the wonderful sights and sounds it has to offer. Not to mention, the slightly distanced resort features beautiful unspoiled nature sceneries, particularly the Marapara Mountain. Without a doubt, nature-lovers will delight in this location.

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The rooms are rustic and tastefully designed, but this resort, aside from having lovely facilities like their outdoor pool, restaurant, play area, and organic area, also has a goal in mind: to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. They reduce, reuse, and recycle, even using the trash that is thrown on their grounds for composting soil to be used by their organic farms. All of your in-house meals will also be grown right on their farms, fresh and delicious. You’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful vacation amidst nature all while supporting a valuable cause. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Talisay Highway, Talisay City, Metro Bacolod, 6115 Negros Occidental

Brazaville Beach Resort

The Brazzaville Beach Resort can be described with ease in two words—simple and effective. The rooms are minimalistically designed, but the facilities are more than complete. They feature free internet connection and lots of activities such as badminton, canoeing, diving, fishing, snorkelling, and other water sports at their private beach.

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Aside from exploring the refreshing salty waters, guests can also stay inside and enjoy the resort’s spa for a nice massage, head to the in-house bar or restaurant for a nice meal, the coffee shop for a relaxing sip of brewed coffee—or maybe just lounge in their hot tubs. Not only that, but Brazzaville is a close driving distance away from some of the best hotspots in Bacolod City. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Barangay Pook, Hinoba-an, 6114 Negros Occidental

Nabulao Beach and Dive Resort

Beach-lovers will love this resort close to the shore, on a private cove getaway with a refreshing, salty sea breeze. They offer lots of sea-related activities, such as diving, cruising, and even jet skiing. They have lovely, extremely spacious and wide rooms where you can fit your entire families as well as your beach gear and water sports equipment without any trouble at all.

explore, travel, top 15 hotels in bacolod

Their rooms feel decidedly Filipino, decorated with a wooden-rustic theme with a modern twist. When you’re tired after a long day of exploring and running through the soft sands of the Negros beach, you can head to their spa for an hour or two of rest and relaxation at very affordable price points. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Address: Sitio Totong, Brgy. Talacagay, Hinoba-an, 6114 Negros Occidental

Credit: Photos are provided by the hotels/resorts via Agoda. 
Note: Updated for 2020