Top 15 Hotels in Makati

Making one of the 16 cities that make up the capital city that is Metro Manila, Makati is the center of finance in the country, being a home to many banks, corporations, and other commercial enterprises.

At a glance, it is conspicuous as to how Makati is regarded as a highly-urbanized region of Metro Manila. With many high-rise, Western-theme buildings sprawled across the region and a level of comfort that is found in developed countries, Makati is the paragon of a “well-oiled” district designed for progress, underpinned by money and trade.

But even for a money-making machine such as Makati, it does not simply operate on its own. A larger part of its development is highlighted by the contributions of the people who hustle day in and day out. Employees, much like their employers, play critical role in this significant aspect of Makati.

Yet, where there are people, Makati is also a hub for entertainment, catering to people after a hard day’s work or for group of people looking for some fun and build camaraderie. Otherwise, the city is simply just a hotspot for individuals seeking to unwind in a kind of atmosphere that is separate from most of Metro Manila.

To those who can afford it, Makati makes for an ideal spot for high-quality lifestyle where upscale dining, art showcase, cutting edge fitness equipment, and luxurious shopping is rife. Inevitably, for these reasons, Makati is often regarded as the place for “high-class” individuals who are able to spend more than an average person would.

However, where human activities abound which subsequently put a toil to bodies, Makati will not be complete without its own fair share of accommodations that provide rest to weary bodies or shelter to travelers who happen to drop by. Inevitably enough, this developed city has more than a handful which people could choose from should the need for it arise.

1. Raffles Makati Hotel

It is generally considered that people who live a high quality of living are intellectuals who value knowledge through reading. Raffles Makati Hotel, a luxurious lodge within the heart of the city, values this notion by incorporating an annual event at its “Writers Bar.”

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As a hotel, however, it does not fall short of what is deemed as a “classy” business of its kind, featuring amenities and visuals that are top-tier which not only pampers but also feasts the eyes. Set in a strategic location which makes access to Makati’s other places of visit, the Raffles Makati Hotel makes for a perfect drop off location to travelers seeking to venture. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

2. Discovery Primea Hotel

Designed by a prestigious Japanese and Pulitzer Prize winner in architecture, Kenzo Tange, the Discovery Primea Hotel is not what you would “average” in terms of architectural design. Although the exteriors should already speak for itself, moreso is the interior which clearly demonstrates prowess in high-quality, modern pattern coming the ingeniousness of the famed architect himself.

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Like any other opulent hotels in the area, the Discovery Primea Hotel is competitive when it comes to pampering its clients with the best offering available in the industry. While a stunning interior visuals is one of them, other significant benefits include a stylish and comfortable as well as other perks which comes with the service. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

3. Makati Shangri-La Manila Hotel

Named after the famed “Shangri-la,” a mythical land which embodies the essence of paradise, the Makati Shangri-la Manila Hotel mimics what is inherently fictional into something more realistic, it can actually be visited at any time. The Makati Shangri-la Manila Hotel may not be paradise itself, but it is already close to—provided you could afford it—given the benefits that come with its high-quality lodging.

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When you are not pampering yourself lying on top of a comfortable bed, there are other sources of pleasure in Makati Shangri-la Manila Hotel such as getting a massage at the spa, eating sumptuous meals at the bar or the restaurant, or simply by sweating it out at the gym. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

4. Fairmont Makati

Touting itself as an award-winner and a sanctuary among leisure and business travelers, Fairmont Makati shows great confidence in the way it does business. But more than just a blurb, Fairmont Makati’s good standing as a commercial enterprise quite shows.

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Standing at a tall multi-storey building which houses 280 unique rooms, the Fairmont Makati is colossal in proportion, capable of admitting many people at any given time. While individuals undeniably make a good portion of this hotel’s usual clients, even people in pairs or groups are also welcome in it as well, especially when occasion calls for it. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

5. New World Makati Hotel

If there is a hallmark that that often describes a 5-star hotel, it is that of what is seen on their designs. Taking the merit of having a marvelous, contemporary, and sleek design that speaks modernity over anything else, the New World Makati Hotel is a visual treat to discerning customers who are either leisure or business travelers.

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But, in an area that is getting saturated with stiff competition against other businesses of similar kind, the New World Makati Hotel’s selling point is not solely its looks. As centered in the idea of pleasing its customers through an assortment of perks, this hotel offers competitive services that are undeniably at par with the competition. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

6. Holiday Inn & Suites Makati

When many hotels around Makati have business and leisure travelers as their target market, they often overlook a certain demographic that is nonetheless feasible as clients in the business—families.

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The Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, having realized that families also often go out of their abode to seek a unique environment or experience, set its sights towards the whole household members in group. The idea clearly shows given its marketing strategy whose theme is pointed at them.

But as marketing alone is not sufficient in tapping to this otherwise overlooked market, Holiday Inn & Suites Makati is always ready in delivering the best possible service to families. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

7. Makati Diamond Residences

Do you know what happened when one of the biggest conglomerate in the country—San Miguel Corporation through its subsidiary, San Miguel Properties, Inc.—ventures to a luxurious hospitality business? It’s the creation of the Makati Diamond Residences.

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Despite being a high-class opulent hotel which connotes an expensive cost per stay, the Makati Diamond Residences know how to appeal to consumers by offering rates that get better, either by booking several days in advance or the longer they stay.

But do not let the perks of reduced cost for accommodation led you into thinking that there is something wrong with the Makati Diamond Residences. It just knows how to appeal to clients by placing certain incentives. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

8. The Peninsula Manila

Many companies, in the goal of building an icon of themselves, leave a blueprint that is uniform regardless where they may be in the world. To some extent, the notion works which gives people across the globe a singular image of a particular brand.

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The Peninsula Hotel tries to defy this idea by establishing its many branches uniquely from one another, influenced by the location to where they rise. All of these while not forsaking their commonality of having class and style.

Featuring a distinct element which separates it apart from its sibling overseas, The Peninsula Manila inhabits some distinctly Pinoy themes but still manages to highlight itself as an icon of class in the business. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

9. Dusit Thani Manila Hotel

While much of the hotels that sprung in the business district of Makati are connotative of Western influences due to their naming alone, there is nothing more foreign-sounding than the exotic name of the Dusit Thani Manila Hotel. Essentially a Thai company’s reach to hospitality business in the Philippines, it incorporates elements that evoke an imagery that is uncommon, yet still quaint.

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Although proud of its own unparalleled offering, the Dusit Thani respects diversity by adding other exciting elements into the mix, such as some Japanese foods and other types of dishes. This is on top of everything that makes hotel accommodation an indulging experience for clients. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

10. City Garden Grand Hotel

Many in the hospitality business treat their clients as an “in and out” type of persons who can never call a place they stay in as home—realistically, they do not. But while aware of this fact, there is also that which strives to become the ideal place of stay to their clients, they are practically a home.

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The City Garden Grand Hotel does just that. Like an abode eagerly anticipating its residents, this hotel is always open to welcome its curious clients. Equally as important, like a loving host who are pleased with its visitors, the City Garden Grand Hotel is keen in pleasing in the hopes that whoever chose to accept its embrace would stay for longer. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

11. I’M Hotel

Spas had been so ingrained in giving people the pleasure to rejuvenate their tired bodies, it is hard to think of a luxurious hospital service away from it. As many in the industry put little emphasis on spas, it takes an outstanding establishment to put more highlight to it.

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The I’M Hotel, in a bid to stand from the crowd, did capitalize on that same idea—too much, in fact, that it has become renowned for many things, all of which pertaining to its massive spa deemed the first and the only Onsen type in the area. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

12. Aruga by Rockwell Hotel

After two decades of delving into property building, Rockwell ventures to another side of business it truly knows—creating an infrastructure meant for hospitality business. Thus born the Aruga by Rockwell Hotel.

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But 21 years, specifically, is an ample enough time for an entity, such as Rockwell, to master its own trade. As such, what it created are commercial properties that bears signature of sophistication, whether something reminiscent of one of its former brainchild or something altogether more refined.

The Aruga by Rockwell Hotel is essentially an artwork of its creator. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

13. Astoria Greenbelt

The Astoria Greenbelt may be a relatively fresh entry in the list of grand hotels in Makati, but it only comes as an addition to a brand that has been captivating the hearts of travelers elsewhere.

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But more than just having the perfect spot to do its business, especially in Makati, the Astoria Greenbelt is also beloved for having an unequalled mixture of beauty and personality. It is like being in a friend’s house whose kind of welcome you will be coming back for more, essentially for its warmth and familiarity. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

14. Hotel Celeste

Hotel Celeste may not pride itself as among the gargantuan skyscrapers that Makati is known for, a number of which already mentioned in this list. Yet, while it littles in stature in comparison, it compensates by offering a level of accommodation that is almost at the same tier as its bigger, more opulent counterpart.

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Furthermore, inspired by the elegance as seen across Europe, Hotel Celeste makes for the closest “European” experience they could possibly find within Makati. Imitation it might be, but it gives the insight nonetheless.

Ultimately, Hotel Celeste is a boutique which strictly is limited to a number of rooms which significantly affects its size as a building. Although any hotel may be defined by their sizes, a real hotel experience is more than just that and which Hotel Celeste tries to be at par of with the bigger competitors. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

15. Amorsolo Mansion Hotel

Looking for that perfect spacious room akin to a home at the heart of Makati is ideal with the Amorsolo Mansion Hotel. Whether you choose to go solo with your executive-type or pent house room is your choice, that much space is still best experienced with people around which makes them also preferable for individuals in group.

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But, of course, even the best rooms can feel cramped when you just stay in it. Luckily, no stay-ins in Amorsolo Mansion Hotel will ever get bored by choosing to wander around the areas of interest around the hotel that are stone throws away by distance. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE