Top 5 Mesmerizing Temples In Turkey Which Are Absolutely Worth Visiting On Your Trip!

Temples in Turkey always attract the lovers of history. Turkey’s magnificent temples and building structures mesmerize the eyes of the tourists. Turkey is already known for its marvellous architecture and stupendous nature attractions all over the world which is why people from various countries flock to this beautiful country. These beautiful temples in Turkey just add to the list of reasons to visit here.

Top 5 Temples In Turkey

Temples are always an amazing mirror of astonishing historical and cultural presence of a country. These temples are designed very differently from the rest of the world and can rarely be found elsewhere. So, let us have a look at the 5 magnificent temples in Turkey.

1. Ephesus Temple

explore, travel, turkey, top 5 mesmerizing temples in turkey which are absolutely worth visiting on your trip!

This temple is said to be built by the son of the river god Caystrus, Ephesus by Pausanias. But in fact, this temple was made by Egyptian merchants in the dedication of Artemis, which is why it is also known as the Temple of Artemis. This temple is said to be made for the local form of Artemis goddess. This Greek temple became so predominately famous that this small town is also known as Ephesus, which is near Selcuk, a highly modern city in modern day Turkey. It has been built three times. When it was finally completed, it was declared as Seven Wonders of Ancient World.

Location: Atat-rk Mh., Park -i Yolu No:12, 35920 Sel-uk/zmir, Turkey

2. Gobkeli Tepe Temple

explore, travel, turkey, top 5 mesmerizing temples in turkey which are absolutely worth visiting on your trip!

The archaeologists mention that it is the oldest temple known to humanity giving travelers all the more reason to visit this place. Gobkeli Tepe temple is one of the most important and renowned archaeological sites in the world. If you are wondering how old is Gobkeli Tepe, it is said to be 10,000 years old. Gobkeli Tepe in Turkey is probably the oldest temple of the world as many describe. Due to its archaeological and historical interests, Gobkeli Tepe temple attracts tourists from all over the world. Gobekli Tepe temple is a 1000 foot extensiveness slant masterminded at the most imperative explanation behind a mountain edge, around 9 miles upper east of the town of Sanliurfa (Urfa) in southeastern Turkey.

Gobekli Tepe temple includes four amazing and strong segments associated together by areas of coarsely made dry stone dividers to shape a movement of circuitous or oval structures. This shape fully structured temple can attract any eyeballs. The structures change in size between around 33 and 98 feet in separation crosswise over and have floors made of terrazzo. There are two immense sections in the point of convergence of each erratic which are encased by to some degree smaller stones standing up to the interior. Archeologists assume that these sections could have once maintained housetops. So, this temple for its all artistic and archaeological views is one of the most visited temples in Turkey. This mesmerizes visitors when they think of the emphatic rise of the civilization during such an early period.

Location: -rencik, anlurfa Province, Turkey

3. Aphrodisias Temple

explore, travel, turkey, top 5 mesmerizing temples in turkey which are absolutely worth visiting on your trip!

Located in the ancient city of love, Aphrodisias Temple is considered to be one of the best ruins in Turkey. There was a Greek goddess of love who was called Aphrodite, and Aphrodisias Temple is named after it. This temple is near a beautiful and small modern village called the village of Geyre which is nearly 100 kilometers away from the Aegean sea. UNESCO world heritage list included this temple in its list in 2017 which led to a heavy increase of tourism for this temple. This temples architectural structure is such that the sculptors became pretty famous renowned as soon as this temple was built. Aphrodite of Aphrodisias was the idol which stands tall in this famous Greek temple. She is said to be the most famous and the biggest cult image locally in that place. This famous temple attracts many tourists and archaeologists to its site for many highly interesting historical and archaeological reasons.

Location: Geyre, Aydn Province, Turkey

4. Berhamkale Temple

explore, travel, turkey, top 5 mesmerizing temples in turkey which are absolutely worth visiting on your trip!

Beramkale temple, the lesser known temples of Turkey, is an amazing temple, especially for its theatrical views. It also has a small pebble beach nearby which adds to the beauty of the village of this temple. Unlike many other archaeological sites, if you visit this temple you can visit the sea and a hilltop simultaneously, which is a major attraction for the tourists who visit this picturesque place. This temples town, Assos, was a small but rich town historically if the pages of history are to be believed. This temple, mostly unseen and unheard by many tourists is a must visit for those who love to explore the unknown territories of the world and it will not disappoint them.

5. Apollos Temple

Last on this list but not the least beautiful and astonishing is the Apollos temple. Though it stands largely destroyed, this temple of Apollo still attracts many tourists of Turkey from all over the world. The ruins of Apollos temples which are still visible today makes it an amazing place to visit because it makes people get mesmerized by thinking about its architectural and sculptural structures. This temple also has a beautiful scenic backdrop to it which attracts both the lovers of history and nature alike. If anyone is planning to visit Turkey, then they must visit this beautiful place without any shade of doubt.

Location: Aydin Province, Turkey

Turkey temples are as famous as its architectural and archaeological wonder giving tourists all the more reasons to visit. Temples in Turkey are amazing examples of how humans were so historically advanced and successful. This gives us real-life proofs about the advancements done by them well in terms of architectural designs, which in some cases are far better than the modern world. So, why wait now and think to visit Turkey later? Turkey is one of those rare countries, which you can visit any period of the year without any doubt. So, pack the bags and book the tickets and land in this country of beautiful temples without a second thought.

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