Top 6 Picnic Spots Near Nainital That Offer Some Of The Most Alluring Landscapes!

Nainital is one of the many destinations that people head to when they want a break from daily life. This Himalayan resort is located in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region. At an elevation of around 2000m, this hill station offers tonnes to see and visit. You can check out Nainital Lake, Nanda Devi Parbat, the temples there as well as the Snow View observation point amongst others. But there’s a lot to be seen right outside Nainital as well. Many people don’t know that the surrounding places of Nainital have their special sightseeing places which are no less than the famous hill station. You can take your family there to enjoy, have fun and have a picnic as well. Here are some of the famous picnic spots near Nainital which you can check out.

Top 6 Picnic Spots Near Nainital

Here is a compact list of all the handpicked picnic spots located near Nainital. Pay a visit to these spots and find yourself an excuse to get closer to various wonders of mother nature.

1. Mukteshwar – 50 Km From Nainital2. Nathuakhan – 44 Km From Nainital3. Zero Point – 85 Km From Nainital4. Gwaldam – 155 Km From Nainital5. Pinnath – 113 Km From Nainital
6. Khurpatal – 10 Km From Nainital

1. Mukteshwar

explore, travel, nainital, top 6 picnic spots near nainital that offer some of the most alluring landscapes!

This little hill town packs a big punch when it comes to lush green orchards, meadows and more sceneries to admire. The town got its name from the word ‘Mukti’ which means Freedom because the people here believed that Lord Shiva killed off a demon here and gave him salvation or freedom. Come here if you want to enjoy some adventure sports and get a beautiful view of the towering Himalayan ranges. When you are done with your activities, settle down in your picnic spot on a warm blanket and bring out your sandwiches to munch on as you admire the scenery around.

Distance From Nainital: 50 KmsThings To Do: Go Trekking, Rock Climbing, RappellingBest Time To Visit: All Around The YearPlaces To Stay Nearby: The Golden Peak Hotel, Panchachuli House, Ojaswi Himalayan Resort
Restaurants Nearby: Chirping Tales Cafe, Maa Gauri Restaurant

2. Nathuakhan

explore, travel, nainital, top 6 picnic spots near nainital that offer some of the most alluring landscapes!

Located in Ramgarh, Nathuakhan is a village that is situated at a height of around 1,940 meters above sea level. So if you love high places to chill and have a picnic then do give this place a visit. When you step in here you will find beautiful forests, lush valleys, and mountainous terrain. This is the ideal place to bring a picnic basket, some drinks, and food to just relax and enjoy the scenery around. Come here with your friends and some coffee and tea to make the most out of this place.

Distance From Nainital: 44 KmsThings To Do: Bhalu Gaad Falls, Dhokaney FallsBest Time To Visit: February To AprilPlaces To Stay Nearby: The Wonder Valley Resort, Aryan Home Stay, Frozen Woods Resort
Restaurants Nearby: Alankar Restaurant, Nice View Restaurant

3. Zero Point

explore, travel, nainital, top 6 picnic spots near nainital that offer some of the most alluring landscapes!

Pay a visit to see the Kedarnath, Trishul, Shocking and Nanda Devi. Zero Point is that ideal place where you will be able to settle down comfortably on a blanket and sip on some warm drinks as you look over the various places. But reaching zero points will take some effort. You will first have to trek for about a kilometer through the Binsar wildlife sanctuary and then have to take a guide up to Zero Point. This can be taxing for many but if you make the journey with your picnic basket then you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the wildlife sanctuary as well.

Distance From Nainital: 85 KmsThings To Do: Kasar Devi Temple, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Golu Devta Temple, Bineshwar Mahadev Temple, Khali Estate BinsarBest Time To Visit: October To FebruaryPlaces To Stay Nearby: Binsar Forest Retreat, Mary Budden Estate, Kmvn Retreat
Restaurants Nearby: Kasar Kitchen, Baba’s Cake, Mohan’s Cafe

4. Gwaldam

explore, travel, nainital, top 6 picnic spots near nainital that offer some of the most alluring landscapes!

Located between Garhwal and Kumaon, this quaint little village is nothing less than a fairytale place. So what better way to enjoy your day in a fairytale land than by having a picnic. This place will especially appeal to those people who love to picnic in quiet places so that they can enjoy their surroundings without being disturbed by people milling around. Before you sit down for your picnic or after you are done with it you can explore the dense forests and small lakes there.

Distance From Nainital: 155 KmsThings To Do: See The Little Lakes, Peaks, Forests And The Himalayan RangesBest Time To Visit: February To NovemberPlaces To Stay Nearby: Nature’s Treat Resort, Heritage Resort, Himalaya Darshan Resort
Restaurants Nearby: The Chef Cafe And Restaurant, Friends Group Restaurant

5. Pinnath

explore, travel, nainital, top 6 picnic spots near nainital that offer some of the most alluring landscapes!

Come here if you love trekking and want to enjoy some peaceful picnic moments as well. You can trek here alone with your friends and go 5 km to the most prominent temple devoted to the god Bhairon there. Kosi river flowing through there adds to the peaceful aura of the place. After that, if you go further you will be able to see a beautiful picnic ground where you will be able to sit down and enjoy amazing scenic views. This beautiful place will be best enjoyed with a picnic and some warm drinks.

Distance From Nainital: 113 KmsThings To Do: Check Out The Bhairon Temple, The Kosi River And The Scenery ThereBest Time To Visit: OctoberPlaces To Stay Nearby: Heritage Resort, Chevron Mountain Villa, Sun N Snow Inn
Restaurants Nearby: Yogi Restaurant, Garden Restaurant

6. Khurpatal

explore, travel, nainital, top 6 picnic spots near nainital that offer some of the most alluring landscapes!

This beautiful lake is located near the suburbs of Nainital. Situated at a height of 1600 meters this place is awe-inspiring and an absolute beauty to witness. The calm waters of the lake will lull you into a trance. The surrounding scenery is just as beautiful as the lake. The contrast of blue of the lake and the green of the surrounding places will certainly make you enjoy the calmness of the place. Take your picnic basket here and choose a spot beside the lake to have your lunch or breakfast as you enjoy the greenery around you.

Distance From Nainital: 10 KmsThings To Do: See The Fishes In The Lake And The Scenery AroundBest Time To Visit: All Around The YearPlaces To Stay Nearby: Ayar Jungle Lodges, Dynasty Resorts, Camp Wildland
Restaurants Nearby: 143 Food On The Wheel, Shubham Restaurant, Uttaranchal Restaurant

Nainital is a great place to visit but its surrounding places are no less when it comes to offering you a great place to visit or sit down and have a picnic in. Visit these places all year round to have tonnes of fun. Bring your friends and some warm drinks as well to have a truly great day at these picnic spots near Nainital. A family trip to Uttarakhand will always be a cherishable and memorable experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Picnic Spots Near Nainital

How much will it cost to visit picnic spots near Nainital?

It won’t cost much at all since they aren’t that far from Nainital. You can visit all of these places within a day as well. Hire a car or take public transport to enjoy your day in these places.

Will you have to trek a lot to reach picnic spots near Nainital?

Most of these places are located at quite an elevation so you might have to trek a little. But rest assured the treks are easily done. Even a novice will be able to do it. You can hire a guide if you don’t know the path.

Will you be able to take pictures?

Bring your camera and cellphones to take all the pictures you want. You will be able to do it without any restrictions. Although in some places you might have to pay a nominal fee to bring your camera in, the amount, as well as the role itself, changes pretty frequently.

What clothes should you wear when traveling to picnic spots near Nainital?

Most of these places are cold and you will feel it especially if you choose to visit during the winter months. Pack warm clothes and gloves a lot. If you are going during summer then light woolen clothes will do the trick. But there are places like Mukteshwar which is pleasant throughout the year and there you can pack in light clothes.

How much cash should you carry?

You should keep a budget of a thousand or two thousand rupees per day even if you don’t think you will need that much money. It’s always advisable to keep double than what you need in case of emergencies. Also carry cash, after all, you don’t want to be stuck in a situation when you can’t access the money from your bank.

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