Travelling 101: The Best Way for Self-Discovery

You'll be amazed at how travel can lead you to discover more about yourself.

Travelling to find yourself is a tradition that dates back to the first recorded leisure travellers, and as a concept has become somewhat overused, even cliched. However, like most cliches, there is a significant grain of truth in it.

explore, travel, travelling 101: the best way for self-discovery

While travelling itself might not be the cure for loneliness, a broken heart, or feelings of ennui, there’s no doubt that exploring the world, seeking out new cultures, and having exciting, unusual adventures in far-flung destinations is a wonderful way to get some perspective on yourself.

Travelling solo lets you see some of the best places to visit around the world while getting to know yourself better, finding out more about yourself than you would by either staying at home or journeying with others. Here are a few of the things you might learn about yourself while travelling alone.


explore, travel, travelling 101: the best way for self-discovery

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Being on the road for any length of time, whether alone or in a group, gives you a far better understanding of the limits of your patience. There are plenty of things that crop up while travelling that are out of your control, and you will learn how to cope with frustrations, delays, and unavoidable incidents. You will also, of course, learn a little more about when not to be patient, in the face of rudeness or intolerance, for example.


Travelling alone lets you really get to grips with what your true priorities are in life. You will be making all your own decisions, beholden to no-one, and you will quickly find out what matters to you most, and what doesn’t.


explore, travel, travelling 101: the best way for self-discovery

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The further you travel on your own, the more your confidence will grow. As you take responsibility for your own plans, schedules, and survival, you’ll feel far more capable and responsible. Having to quickly learn the basics of a new language, or find your way around an unfamiliar transport system, will make you far more confident when it comes to dealing with difficult situations back home as well!


Exploring the globe exposes you to a whole world of difference. You’ll be confronted with different cultures, attitudes, and beliefs, and you’ll learn to understand and appreciate different perspectives on life. One of the greatest positives that come from solo travel is the ability to tolerate the differences in people and places, even if they are unfamiliar to you, or you disagree with them. Learning this tolerance, and embracing it, is a huge part of what makes travel such a wonderful method of self-discovery.

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