Twickenham residents divided as 'worst Burger King ever' shuts down while locals argue what to replace it with

Twickenham residents were divided when they heard the news that their local Burger King had been shut down. Some said they would miss the burger chain while others seemed happy to see the spot all boarded up.

One resident seemed sad to discover that the joint had been boarded up for good. He posted photographs of the shop front with the caption: “Goodbye Burger King” and a sad face emoji.

The picture proved popular on the Facebook group with it amassing 86 comments, plenty of them not appearing to share the original poster’s sentiment for the fast food spot. One person wrote: “There was a Burger King in Twickenham?” with someone else writing: “Good…Worst Burger King I’ve ever been in !”

food, twickenham residents divided as 'worst burger king ever' shuts down while locals argue what to replace it with

Burger King sign

It seemed the joint was unpopular with the locals, a third commenting: “Overpriced and underwhelming staff. Only ever went in their once and never again. Awful place.” and a fourth: “Good riddance. Freshly cooked food was always somehow cold and the staff were a miserable bunch”.

Lots of visitors appeared to take umbrage with the cleanliness of the place, one person wrote: “Dirtiest Burger King in the country”. Some commenters were more concerned with what could fill the vacant spot now.

One person is hoping for something drastically different to open, they wrote: “We need a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. Not a coffee shop, not a charity shop. Not a vape shop. Not a betting shop. But a shop that’s useful. Let’s get a shop that serves a purpose. A little Primark would do well in Twickenham”, with another commenter sharing their desire: “How about a restaurant for vegetarians?”

Many shared the sentiment that it is time for change in Twickenham: “Good about time out with the rubbish billionaire corporation bringing in local small businesses” with another commenting: “Time to start using independent smaller businesses anyway”.

Do you live in Twickenham? What do you think they could fill the spot with?

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