Uber Car Accident Law – Legal Things to remember in an accident as an Uber passenger

Disclaimer: This article should not be treated as legal advice. It’s recommended that readers still consult legal counsel and contact a lawyer should they have any concerns regarding vehicle accidents.

If you live in a country where commuting or getting access to public transport is tricky, having Uber is almost like a Godsend. People praise the service for being efficient and practical, especially when everyone wants a convenient service to use in order to ride towards their intended locations. However, perks of Uber aside, Uber drivers and passengers are of course human too, so you’re not wrong to worry what if accidents happen, and what you should do in that eventuality. Below are some legal things to remember in an accident as an Uber passenger.

explore, travel, uber car accident law – legal things to remember in an accident as an uber passenger

It’s important to remember that however “safe” you think you are,and regardless of safety measures you take, accidents can happen anytime, and it’s especially important to know how to deal with them properly in order to ensure your safety and your welfare in the future. Legal systems are in place to make sure accidents are dealt with properly and to make sure people who are injured in the accident are compensated properly.

However, when we talk of legal things to remember in an accident as an Uber passenger, it’s important to remember that different places have different sorts of traffic laws; this means this article isn’t an end-all, be-all guide for traffic laws when in different places and Uber is in play. It’s better to consult a legal professional when you have a specific instance where you are need need of legal advice regarding these matters.

Uber doesn’t appear to take any shortcuts, no pun intended, when it comes to the safety of their drivers and their passengers. Interestingly, one can actually look at Uber’s press release on its websites on specific details on safety when it comes to availing their service. This means those who ride Uber can actually see for themselves the kind of things to expect throughout the ride.

Preparation is Still Key

As previously mentioned, Uber actually has an entire page dedicated to the the safety of both drivers and passengers, which is something that can be of use especially for those who are curious about the kind of safety measures Uber has in store when it comes to those who use their service. Likewise, it may also be wise to study this page alongside traffic laws in your area in order to fully understand the “big picture” when it comes to having an accident. While there are legal things to remember in an accident, it’s better to know about these in advance in order to establish a more proper presence of mind should you be involved in an accident.

●       For instance, take note that you don’t necessarily have to wait on the side of the street the entire time before your Uber arrives. You can wait at the safety of your home or an establishment and only go out once your Uber has arrived. Try to use this information to maintain safety.

●       Your trips are also not anonymous as basic driver information such as the name, the license plate, and the photo is provided to you. Likewise, your information is also provided to the driver. It may be a safe measure to try to store the information of your driver in a mobile device during a trip, be it via sending a screenshot of the application to a friend or relative or manually typing.

Awareness Matters, Call Help

If in case you do encounter an accident while on an Uber trip, remember to try to stay calm and first assess the situation. It’s important to check if you, your driver, and other passengers, drivers, and pedestrians involved are safe. If anyone’s injured, seek help immediately and don’t try to help them yourself especially if you have no medical background or if you see that they seem to have serious injuries.

explore, travel, uber car accident law – legal things to remember in an accident as an uber passenger

●       Immediately call for police assistance and medical help as soon as you find yourself in a safe place in the area. Don’t leave the area and the scene of the accident as you might be penalized for being in a hit-and-run.

●       When the police arrive, remember to ask them to file a police report on the incident. Communicate with your lawyer as well to find out when it is safe to leave the premises, or you can wait for him or her to arrive. You can also contact lawyers who specialize in Uber accidents and injuries when things like these happen to you.

Documentation Matters

Try your best to document everything that happened from the incident itself to your full recovery. If possible, try to get relevant information from everyone at the scene including responding officers. Get basic insurance information such as the name, contact details, and addresses of passengers and drivers involved. Try to also retrieve the badge numbers of responding officers in order to communicate with them if the need arises.

●       Remember, however, that when conversing with individuals on the scene, be polite and courteous but never apologize about the incident. This might sometimes be misconstrued as an admission of fault, and this can put you in legal trouble.

●       Try to document the scene yourself as well. Take pictures of the damages including injuries to yourself in order to be able to present them to your insurance company if they get in touch with you. Try to keep copies of receipts, correspondences, and records of everything you’ve done that had you pay for a service including medical services and bills.

Communication is Important

Of course, another important step to remember legally when getting in an accident is to communicate with the relevant personnel immediately. Consult your lawyer about the kind of people you can talk to safely and those you don’t have to talk with and you can refer to your lawyer.

Persons of interest to call aside from your lawyer is your insurance company to notify them that you’ve experienced a traffic accident.


Accidents can happen anytime and regardless of where you are; they can happen to you and it’s extremely inconvenient if they occur and you don’t know what to do and how to deal with it. Understanding some of the legal elements above to remember in an accident as an Uber passenger can greatly help add a layer of security on your end when you ride with Uber for your travels. After all, this at least allows you to know what to do and what to consider legally when you become injured in an accident.


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