Vattenfall delivers 32 fast chargers to Vejle, Denmark

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Vattenfall has delivered 32 fast chargers to Tide Bus in Denmark’s fifth-largest city, Vejle, where 33 electric buses operated by Tide Bus have just been put into operation. Vattenfall is responsible for both the operation of the charging infrastructure and the purchase and delivery of electricity.

Although Vattenfall does not elaborate on the performance data of the charging stations in its announcement, according to its press photo, the charging stations are from the Finnish manufacturer Kempower. The power supply of the buses by Vattenfall is based on a spot price model.

To prepare for the introduction of appropriate charging infrastructure, a simulation of the buses’ traffic pattern was created in collaboration with Tide Bus. “Then we were able to develop a charging system that is perfectly adapted to the needs of the buses,” says Esben Baltzer Nielsen, Head of Vattenfall Network Solutions in Denmark and the Netherlands.

Kempower, the Finnish charging station manufacturer pictured by Vattenfall, also today announced extensive cooperation with Terminal Group in Estonia. Here, 73 Kempower charging points will be installed at 25 locations at Terminal Group petrol stations along Estonia’s main roads. In July this year, Kempower launched a liquid-cooled satellite charger for heavy-duty EVs. Here, the satellite system comprises a C-Series charging power unit that distributes power to four double or eight single satellites resulting in a maximum of eight charging spots.

Vejle is one of the Danish municipalities that pledged only to procure electric buses from 2021 onwards. Along with Vejle, the cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, and Frederiksberg signed the Climate Cooperation Agreement with the Danish Ministry of Transport.

The operator, Tide, is a Norwegian company that is also active in Denmark. Last year, the concession for urban transport in Vejle was again awarded to Tide – but only with the 33 electric buses subsequently purchased. Their manufacturer is not mentioned in any of the announcements. According to the press photo, they are likely to be electric buses from the Chinese manufacturer Golden Dragon.

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