Vegan Filipino Dishes Are This Plant-Based Kitchen’s Speciality

Have you ever wondered what healthy liempo barbecue tastes like? What about plant-based mechado and kare-kare? If the answer is yes, then chances are you’ve already scoured the Internet for vegan Filipino dishes. But it’s not always easy with the limited options of reliable stores in Metro Manila.

The truth is Filipino cuisine isn’t exactly made to be healthy. Among the factors that contribute to this is the excessive dependence on animal meat, artificial preservatives, and fatty ingredients. But your worries are about to go out of the window, because there’s a restaurant that offers vegan alternatives for Filipino food.

Get vegan Filipino dishes from this local restaurant

The Sexy Kitchen by B describes itself as a plant-based kitchen “that makes healthy food delicious and delicious food healthy.” They do this by preparing plant-based versions of popular viands and other comfort food. According to them, they carefully curate their menu in such a way that encourages people to switch to a healthier lifestyle through the food they eat.

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But what makes them special is they also focus on Filipino favorites, which you can have picked up from their kitchen in Sta. Mesa, Manila. Going through their menu, you’ll find healthy Filipino viands like their mechado, which is cooked with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs, and spices in soy stew. The same mushrooms and a similar soy-based sauce is used for their plant-based kare-kare. It further comes with homemade peanut butter, annatto oil, and cashew cream.

The kitchen also serves liempo barbecue. It boasts plant-based liempo meat marinated in homemade tomato sauce, gluten-free soy sauce, herbs, and spices, then charcoal-grilled to perfection. You’ll also love their healthy liempo inasal and binagoongan. Ala carte, you can purchase all these vegan Filipino dishes for just ₱250 with rice. For shareables good for up to three people, you can enjoy these for just ₱375.

How to order from The Sexy Kitchen by B in Manila

The best and safest way to enjoy the vegan restaurant’s offerings is by directly contacting them. Via social media, you’ll just need to provide them with your name, order, and desired pick-up time. Curbside pick-ups and other online deliveries are accepted.

To complete your purchase, you can send your payment via GCash. Afterwards, you have to send your receipt via Viber to finalise your order. All of The Sexy Kitchen by B’s contact numbers can be found on their Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, you can learn more about their conscious lifestyle programs by visiting their website.

All images credited to The Sexy Kitchen by B | Official Facebook Page

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