Viral Hack for Using Onion Skins Might Just Be Life-Changing

food, viral hack for using onion skins might just be life-changing

Who would’ve thought you could use the peels?

If you like finding ways to use every part of your produce, this next tip will become your new favorite hack. TikTok content creator @plantyou shows us how to use our veggies in a way we hadn’t considered before. You’ll be so impressed with this bright idea!

Forget composting, this clever idea saves you money on your seasonings, too!

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What a brilliant way to use your onion skins! We didn’t even know that part of the onion was edible. This easy idea starts with washing and drying the onion skins. Then, lay them out on a baking sheet and then get them nice and dry. Once they’re dehydrated, they go into the food processor to become a powder. Now, you have your own onion powder to use whenever you’d like. This great tip is a fabulous way to use the onions from your garden all year long!  She tells us onions skin has more anti-oxidants than the onion itself. Who knew?

The audience had some mixed reactions to this idea. Viewer @justapileofleaves commented, “I’m never spending money on onion powder again.” Yes, it’s a great way to save a few bucks. And TikTok user @robynmarie added, “Onion skins are also an amazing natural dye! Add water and whatever you want to dye, it turns bright yellow.” That’s great to know for dying eggs or fabrics. Viewer @Hugh._._.Janus chimed in with, “Nah, imma keep throwing them out.” We’re understanding of that feeling, too.

This smart idea is a wonderful way to season your foods and is a great way to stay waste free! We are going to give it a try. We have the skins anyway and we just might love this new seasoning!

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