Wacky drift boat hits track

FRIDAY FUNNY: Competitor slaps 360kg boat hull onto BMW convertible for Halloween event. PLUS – video

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A BMW has been given an unusual overhaul and is getting plenty of attention after being transformed into a boat on wheels for a drifting competition in the United States.

Brandon Tothero decided to add a boat hull weighing about 360kg to his 2001 BMW 330ci (E46) convertible for a car-decorating contest being held at Evergreen Raceway Park in Drums, Pennsylvania, just before Halloween.

He had to fabricate some brackets to hold the hull onto his car and says he was inspired by seeing people mount jetski bodies onto bikes and scooters.

The drift boat was named the SS Jenny and went on to complete 60-plus laps at the event late last month. Tothero admits the extra weight on the vehicle means the car “definitely handles different”.

“I had to up the tyre pressure pretty drastically as well to take some grip out of the car so that it slid easier,” he tells The Drive website.

Spectators at the track were so taken by the boat that a number of videos of it in action have gone viral worldwide and been seen by millions of viewers.

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