Walmart offer woman mushrooms as a replacement for tampons

A viral tweet sent Twitter into hysterics after a Walmart customer claimed the supermarket tried to substitute their tampons with mushrooms.

When an item isn’t available in an online order, supermarkets tend to replace it with a similar product. Most times, if a customer is not happy with the recommended alternative, they can reject it and receive a full refund. Some supermarkets also let shoppers opt out of the replacements.

The tweet, which racked up tens of thousands of likes and responses simply read: “Hi Walmart, I don’t think mushrooms will work.” The Twitter user included a screenshot of an email offering white mushrooms as the bizarre alternative.

“A great metaphor for our time,” one wrote. “As long as you buy what we sell, we couldn’t care less if that’s absolutely not what you need.”

Another added: “AI says, ‘Meh, close enough!'”

Meanwhile, a third joked: “The content strategist in me is desperately trying to figure out if it’s even possible for these two items to share a related tag in the backend system.”

u201cHi Walmart, I don’t think mushrooms will work.u201d — AskAubry ud83eudd9d (@AskAubry ud83eudd9d) 1667430556

Earlier this year, consumer watchdog Which? revealed the wildest supermarket substitutions, with one memorable replacement being duck paste instead of duct tape. There were also sausage rolls in place of toilet rolls.

Another shopper claimed they received cooking oil instead of milk.

The outlet also called out the supermarkets most likely to include a substitute.

Aldi, which has a click-and-collect service, came out on top and was the most likely to do so out of the nine online supermarkets researched.

Just under half of Aldi shoppers said they had received a substitute – one even claimed to have received Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream instead of breaded fish fillets.

Sainsbury’s came in second with 48 per cent of customers receiving a replacement item in their latest shop.

The chain was followed close behind by Asda at 45 per cent, Morrisons at 43 per cent and Ocado at 41 per cent.

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