Walt Disney World: Enter The Dream World In This Theme Park In USA In 2022

Founded in 1965, the Walt Disney World Resort is a theme park located in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake in Florida. The idea for the entertainment complex came from Walt Disney and was meant as a supplement to Disneyland which is located in Anaheim, California. The resort has been dubbed the “most visited vacation resort in the world” with more than 52 million people visiting this theme park every year.

The resort spans a vast area of 25,000 acres and is made up of 2 water parks, many golf courses, an outdoor shopping center called Disney Springs, a camping resort, 27 themed resort hotels, 4 theme parks, and 9 non-Disney hotels. All of this only occupies half of the 25,000 acres, the other half still remains unused.

About The Walt Disney World

explore, travel, usa, walt disney world: enter the dream world in this theme park in usa in 2022

Primarily known as “The Florida Project”, Walt Disney originally planned to build within the premises of his property an “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”, also called EPCOT, in order to build an innovative new city that would present to the public a utopian vision of sorts full of marvelous attractions. The experimental concepts were however abandoned after Walt Disney died in the middle of the complex’s construction, on the 15th of December, in 1955. The company instead built a similar resort to Disneyland. The four theme parks in this resort are Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

Disney World Ticket Prices

You can find all the information about the Walt Disney World tickets on their official website.

Best Time To Visit Walt Disney World Resort

explore, travel, usa, walt disney world: enter the dream world in this theme park in usa in 2022

Any time is an ideal time to visit this paradise-like theme park. It is always crowded, but in all honesty, the real fun is to be had when it is crowded. To see people rejoicing because of the thrills the various attractions at this park offers, automatically creates warmth and inviting atmosphere. To visit this place during off-season is not really worth it. The park celebrates community and the happiness that occurs as a result. Nonetheless, if you still want to visit Disneyland when it is less crowded is when there are no holidays when the kids are in school that is to say, or during the winter when the climate is relatively cooler.

Best Places To Visit In Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort will astonish you with its amazing tourist attractions and themed zones. Here are some of the top places to visit at the Walt Disney World:

1. Disney’s Animal Kingdom

explore, travel, usa, walt disney world: enter the dream world in this theme park in usa in 2022

Covering an area of 580 acres, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the world’s largest theme park. A zoological theme park, it espouses Walt Disney’s concern about animal conservation and natural environment. Situated in the western region of the resort, the park is purposely located at a considerable distance from other properties and Disney World parks on their property so as to not disturb the habitat of the animals by external disruptions. The nighttime show does not make use of any fireworks for this very reason. The park is visited by millions of people every year. As a result, it has become the 6th most visited and the 3rd most-visited theme park in the world and North America, respectively.

2. Magic Kingdom

explore, travel, usa, walt disney world: enter the dream world in this theme park in usa in 2022

The first and oldest theme park in the Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom was visited by 20.450 million people in 2017 and has, thus, become the most visited theme park in the entire world. The logo used to represent the theme park is that of Cinderella Castle, taking inspiration from the castle shown in the 1950 film adaption of the fairy tale. It is, thus, a park that features Disney characters and is a dedication to classic fairy tales. The park was opened in 1971, on 1st October, the layout of which was designed by WED Enterprises, taking inspiration from Disneyland located in Anaheim, California.

3. Epcot

explore, travel, usa, walt disney world: enter the dream world in this theme park in usa in 2022

EPCOT or the “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” was the second park built at this resort. Dubbed the “permanent world’s fair”, the EPCOT Center opened in 1982, on 2nd October, to celebrate culture, technological progress, and human achievement. This center has several avant-garde attractions for the purposes of entertainment and education in the form of a geodesic sphere and the park is also symbolized by a Spaceship Earth. The geodesic dome is a shell structure in the form of a hemisphere. The EPCOT Center is ranked as the 7th most-visited and the 4th most-visited theme park in the entire world and North America, respectively.

Things To Do In Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney World has a plethora of interesting things to do and activities to indulge in. Check out some of the best things to do at this theme park:
Here are the highlights of the infinite things you can engage your mind and body in when in Walt Disney World Resort.

1. Blizzard Beach

explore, travel, usa, walt disney world: enter the dream world in this theme park in usa in 2022

A water theme park, Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach was opened in 1995, on 1st April and is filled with an endless amount of Disney World rides and pools. The theme of this park is of a ski resort that is melting, hence one of the more popular attractions is the Cross Country Creek and its ice cave where you will witness melting snow, albeit the water in the rest of the park comes well heated for you to swim and enjoy in.

Address: 1534 Blizzard Beach Drive, Orlando, FL 32836, USA
Phone: +1 407 560 3400

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