Watch now: Lidl’s Christmas advert features an unlikely star

Lidl’s Christmas advert 2022 follows the story of a teddy called Lidl Bear who becomes an unlikely festive icon.

Certain to make you smile, the one-minute ad begins when a dad accidentally shrinks his colourful Lidl jumper in the wash. Confused by its smaller size, his young daughter comes up with the clever idea to put it on her teddy bear. ‘We never intended to create a Christmas character, it just happened,’ says the ad.

As the family embark on their festive food shop, Lidl Bear unexpectedly finds fame and goes on to become the face of Lidl’s advertising campaign. Immediately gaining celebrity status, we then see Lidl Bear appearing on magazines, going viral online and walking the red carpet. While it might seem like he is living the dream, the young girl pleads with the bear to come home in time for Christmas.

food, watch now: lidl’s christmas advert features an unlikely star

Lidl Christmas advert 2022

At the end of the ad, we see Lidl Bear change his mind and parachutes himself back to his family just in time for Christmas Day lunch.

It of course wouldn’t be a Lidl advert without featuring their tasty festive food range, including Christmas turkey, pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puddings, and bubbling bottles of champagne.

food, watch now: lidl’s christmas advert features an unlikely star

Lidl Christmas advert 2022

‘What stands Lidl Bear apart from other Christmas characters is its hilarious, deadpan expression. By displaying no emotion it manages to create humour and deliver our message about what’s actually important this Christmas,’ says Claire Farrant, Marketing Director at Lidl GB.

food, watch now: lidl’s christmas advert features an unlikely star

Lidl Christmas advert 2022

Unlike Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot, Lidl won’t be selling the bear for customers. Peter de Roos, Chief Commercial Officer at Lidl GB, says: ‘Instead of selling Lidl Bear, we’re asking everyone who can to spare a bear, and other toys, to give to those in need this Christmas. From Kevin to Percy and everything inbetween, all toys will be welcomed with open arms – because there’s room for everyone at the table this Christmas.’

As part of the ad, Lidl is asking customers to drop off new and unopened toys and games at their local store. From popular games to stocking fillers, these will then be gifted to children that need support in the local area.

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Lidl Christmas advert 2021 recap

Lidl’s futuristic Christmas advert 2021 showed what our future Christmases could look like in decades to come — and encourages shoppers to look forward, not back.

The fun one-minute ad begam in the present day, showing a family sitting down for a traditional Christmas roast with all the delicious trimmings. Set to the soundtrack of ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’, the advert then cut to show exactly the same Christmas scene – but it was set in the far future.

‘After a challenging couple of years, the nation wants to look forward not back, which is why we’ve set our light-hearted ad decades in the future,’ Claire Farrant, Marketing Director at Lidl GB, said.

Watch the 2021 advert below:

Lidl Christmas advert 2020 recap

Lidl’s 2020 Christmas advert poked fun at Aldi’s much-loved Kevin the Carrot character. The tongue-in-cheek ad made fun of the usual sugary-sweet Christmas advertising tropes, including playful references to ’emotional gravy’ and moments designed to make viewers sad, by interrupting and side-stepping them with Lidl products.

And, in what appeared to be a swipe at competitor Aldi and Kevin the Carrot, Lidl explained that you ‘don’t need cutesy characters when carrots taste this good’ before a carrot is abruptly poked with a fork.

Throughout, we see a whole host of food and drink shot as real film and contrasted against the animated scenes. Product prices are displayed to demonstrate that consumers can be assured of ‘delicious food at amazing value’.

Lidl Christmas advert 2019 recap

Lidl’s 2019 Christmas advert focused on hero moments that take place in the run-up to Christmas Day. Scenarios in the ad include one couple debating whether to buy a keyboard, another family filling their trolley with goodies, and traditional German Glühwein simmering on the stove.

The advert’s message is clear throughout: that Lidl customers should be able to create their dream Christmas without compromising on quality — and without breaking the bank.

Watch the 2019 advert:

Lidl Christmas advert 2018 recap

In 2018, Lidl launched three mini Christmas adverts as part of its festive campaign. The key theme was ‘Upgrade Your Christmas’ and saw the supermarket take typical occasions to the extreme, with comical results.

Scenarios included imported Arctic snow from the North Pole, a 16-piece orchestra in a dining room, and a seriously giant Christmas tree. A 75ft Canadian fir tree, to be precise.

The adverts conveyed the message that while not everything at Christmas goes as planned, the important things – such as food, fun and the warm festive spirit – always do. Ultimately, it aims to show the best way to upgrade your festive celebrations with Lidl’s offering, rather than going to any extremes.

Watch the 2018 advert:

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