Watch This Woman Turn a Vintage Barbie Jeep Into the Best Planter

food, watch this woman turn a vintage barbie jeep into the best planter

What a glam idea!

Having plants around but not knowing how to properly present them can be frustrating, however, there are a few easy hacks to make your plants look more presentable. Such as a DIY cardboard box planter, or you could craft cute little skulls with some air-dry clay, similar to the ones Trader Joe’s carries.

And if anything fails, you can just take a stroll to your nearest thrift shop and look for some gems that could rock some plants. Such as TikTok influencer @emmajdimarco did, as she shares in her video, and what she found was perfect!


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What a cute idea! It’s a rule to never pass on any Barbie items, as Barbie is iconic and expensive. Especially collectibles from like the ’80s and ’90s. And for $0.25 this was indeed a steal!

It makes the perfect planter for little cacti or succulents. Emma certainly agrees as she went straight to Trader Joe’s to get a bunch of little cacti to be put into Barbie’s jeep planter. And they fit perfectly – well without their pots, that is.

It’s a match made in heaven.

If you want to be unique and separate yourself from the average-looking pots and planters, the thrift shop is your go-to place, indeed.

According to the comments section, this certainly was a hit and one TikToker said they are contemplating to use a vintage New York City Taxi they thrifted – in small of course – as a planter! Another TikToker gave a piece of advice that can be crucial,

“I love this. Make sure you put drainage holes at the bottom!!”

Very wise idea – indeed!

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